"Sitting atop an immense pillar of stone, six figures were engaged in conversation. They spoke in hushed voices, casually discussing strange concepts foreign to Euclid. With their hoods down, each of their faces were unique, though they were all dressed identically. The seventh figure was not listening." —Narration, "In Somnis Veritas"

Dream Eaters are a group capable of manipulating dreams that originate from Midgarde.


The Dream Eaters are a group that was created by a being named Xanvi on Sabin. Xanvi was responsible for finding most of the current Dream Eaters across Midgarde. At first he recruited them under the guise of a philosopher who was disappointed with the state of the world, before indoctrinating them into his personal philosophy.

They are notorious inter-dimensional terrorists. As dimensional travel is a taboo of the Powers, the deity Palvatar ravaged the population of Midgarde as punishment for the actions of the Dream Eaters. Upon Palvatar' attack, the Dream Eater Supay was killed.


The Dream Eaters are known to have the ability to traverse dreams, which they consider a unique dimension. They are known to have made contact with individuals on Euclid during ancient times, though they had never manifested physically on the planet until much later. By using a machine such as the Allucinor, the Dream Eaters are able to link the world of dreams to the physical reality.


Name Gender Age Class
Xanvi Male Unknown Recurring
Xanvi is the leader of the Dream Eaters. He is revered among the others, who see themselves as instruments of his will.
Yaakov Male Unknown Recurring
Yaakov is Xanvi's second in command. They have the ability of possession, projecting their mind or will onto other people.
Serapis Male Unknown Recurring
Serapis is a Dream Eater who is often given the role of spreading Xanvi's philosophy.
Moloch Male Unknown Recurring
Moloch is a low-ranking Dream Eater who has doubts about the organization.
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