Diego is one of the main antagionists of The Demon's Light: Genesis .


Diego is the general in Xeren's army, he is loyal to Kaz and helped him plot against his father. He is known amongst the demons for his ruthless, moraless tactics, thus him being Kaz's right hand. His history is generally unknown no one is very sure where he is from. His sadistic training measures towards his soldiers make him both feared and respected. His soldiers are trained to torture anyone without mercy to extract information from them. After Xerthic Militia is formed and started killing off smaller troops of the demon army, Diego forms a battalion in order to abolish the militia.


As a personal gift from Kaz for helping him plot against his father, Xeren, Diego has two forms. Diego's first form, through Kaz' shape-shifting abilities, is an old human. In this form, Diego appears as an old, light-skinned man. He has a short beard, with white; receding hair that is combed backward. This form is used for undercover missions.

In his true, demonic form, his skin is deep blue and cracked. He has no hair, and his eyes shine a bright red. Diego does not have too much muscle -- though his smaller build makes his enemies underestimate his power. His usual uniform are red robes, which go over his entire body -- hiding all of his weapons. Atop his head, he wears a red, spartan mask with a black opening. 


Diego is a brutal man with a ruthless, blood thirsty personality, he shows no mercy to any of his soldiers nor civilians.


Diego, through years of battle experience, is able to instill fear into his subordinates.

Diego's main ability, a gift from Kaz, is the ability to create lightning from his fingertips. This is used mainly for torture.

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