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Dexter Wellington is a supporting character in The Demon's Light. In Season One, he is an Alchemilia Corporation roboticist who gives up his job to help Chris Wellington escape. Dexter joins the Search Party in Season Two.


Dexter is a tall man with brown eyes and short red hair. He has an average build. As an Alchemilia employee, he wore a white shirt with a green company insignia and black jeans. In Season Two, Dexter wears various casual clothing with darker colors.


Dexter is kind and sympathetic to friends and strangers. He has particular empathy for those affected by Alchemilia Corporation's actions, such as Chris and Savannah Whitesmith. However, Dexter bears a strong dislike for his former employer and associated entities. He has a personal grudge against Baptiste Rousseau for being a loyal underling of Alchemilia, continuing the hunt for fugitives after the destruction of Remnant Rock, and working with Svatovid mobsters.

Despite his compassionate nature, Dexter is also somewhat narcissistic. In "Marked Map," he smugly smirks at his companions after discovering Charles Wellington for doubting the exploration of the abandoned factory would be fruitful. The man is foolhardy as well, intervening in Baptiste's confrontation of Savannah and refusing to leave the restaurant.

Dexter uses deception when he feels it is necessary. For example, he pretended to be a loyal sycophant of Alchemilia when talking to Chris to make sure the android truly wanted to escape. While he already wanted to retire, he was not anxious to become a fugitive.


The descendant of Chadwick and Andrew Wellington, Dexter followed his family tradition of working in the robotics field. Dexter was born in Gladea and spent all of his early life within the city limits. He attended college in Silivia, attaining a Bachelor of Engineering Degree. Alchemilia Corporation hired Dexter shortly after his graduation.

Returning to Gladea, Dexter was assigned to Project Lepton as part of the Robotics Department. While at the company, he grew to dislike its administration, especially Robotics Director Rousseau and CEO Gabriel Arsene. The advanced Lepton-series Androids were taking an incredibly long time to complete, and Dexter wanted to distance himself from his employer.

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