Demons are a race in The Demon's Light. They come in three armies, one of which is lead by Kaz, and another, which is lead by the rogue demon, Azrail. The final faction of Demons is the Demonic Coalition lead by Lord Diamondback. The demons are the ones who mainly causes the War For The Demon's Light. A few of the main demons involved in the war are Queen of Thieves, Kaz, and Azrail.

Biology and appearance

Demons are an otherworldly species of cosmic beings that were brought to Euclid through a portal created by Gabriel Alchemilia. Demons possess immense powers rivaled only by the angels. They make various appearances, with some being massive beings of immense size, while others like Azrail are roughly the size of a large human. The species has two sexes, female and male, with varying eye and hair colors.


Before the War

Before the war, the demons lived in a dimension called Eden. Like Euclid, it was locked in a war between angels and demons. When the inventor Gabriel Alchemilia created a portal to Eden to try and achieve the angels to bring them to his world, mass hordes of demons seized the opportunity and invaded Euclid. However, there were already demonic beings living in Euclid, such as Kaz and his father Xeren, who was once a great god.

The Great War

A war soon spread out across Euclid. The angels, demons, and the original demonic beings that inhabited Euclid all began to wreak chaos throughout the planet, each trying to destroy each other.

Society and culture

Notable Demons


Shadows of Eden

Demons make up the central cast of Shadows of Eden.