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Demons are a beast-like species in The Demon's Light that originate from the planet Eden.

Biology and appearance

Demons are an otherworldly species that were brought to Euclid through unknown means. Demons possess immense physical and psychic prowess rivaled only by the angels. Their appearances vary widely, with some being massive and others the same size as a human. The species has two sexes, female and male, each with varying eye and hair colors.


Before the War

Demons have been involved in a war with angels for control of Eden for several centuries. The war started because of a conflict between demons and their creator, Vritra.

When the demons attempted a rebellion against Vritra, Vritra called upon the angels to fight against them. The angels were already a rival species of the demons, so they sided with Vritra. The war worsened when Xeren, another deity, sided with and supported the demons. Xeren managed to slay Vritra, further heightening the tension between the two species.

The Powers were forced to intervene and killed Xeren. After Xeren's death, his son, Cicero, aligned himself with the demons. As a result of his talent and being Xeren's offspring, Cicero quickly became the leader of the demon army. With both Xeren and Vritra dead and Cicero joining the demon's army, the war between demons and angels continued on for several centuries.

Due to unknown circumstances, demons later appeared on the planet Euclid in 0 TP. Wanting the planet for themselves, demons attacked Euclid and killed a quarter of the human population.

The Great War

Shortly after the arrival of demons, Gabriel Alchemilia created a portal to Eden and caused angels to come to Euclid. The majority of the population on Euclid thought that the angels would side with them and assist in the battle against demons. The opening of the portal, however, ended up in disaster when the angels were not as benevolent as thought. Though the angels continued their war against demons, they considered humans animals and killed them as necessary.

The war between demons and angels continued on Euclid, wrecking havoc on the planet and humans as the two species tried to destroy each other.

Society and culture

Demons are far more ruthless than angels, going so far as to murder and devour both angels and humankind. They often travel in packs and destroy whatever human settlement they see. Demons usually dwell in dark caves, but some types are able to take the forms of humans, such as those in Headre.

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