Delilah Sage is a supporting character in The Demon's Light. She is a soldier of the rogue group Silivian Militia and will be introduced in Season Two.


Delilah is of average height, standing at 5'5 ft tall, and weighs about 130 pounds. She has tanned skin, dark brown eyes, and long silver hair that flows around her shoulders and the rest of her body elegantly.

She is often seen wearing the Silivian Militia (SM) attire, bulky ash-green combat clothes with a dark-red "SM" embossed under the right collarbone.

When off duty, Delilah is usually seen wearing her favorite combination of tank tops and shorts.


Delilah has a rather calm and fun personality. She normally analyzes a situation quickly before acting, but she is prone to impulsive outbursts of anger at times. When around people she is comfortable with, she is usually laid-back and making jokes, bringing life to any conversation she is in.


With her mother dying during childbirth due to complications, Delilah's early life revolved around her father and she grew extremely close to him. Sometime after her twelfth birthday, her father, a Silivian guard captain, was killed in combat with rogue demons on the outskirts of Silivia. Crushed, Delilah was sent to a foster home, where she stayed until she turned sixteen.

After turning 16, she decided to enlist in the Silivian Militia, after hearing about the group from a group of teenagers in the city. She enters in Season Two after Melissa Devlin is assigned to her squad.


Delilah's weapon of choice is a 15-round semi-automatic pistol and an army knife that she keeps tied to her ankle, concealed by her boot.


  • She likes to dye her hair silver, but it is naturally a dark brown.
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