Delilah Sage is a side character in The Demon's Light. She is a 15-year-old girl with silver hair and brown eyes.


Delilah comes from a small foster home, where she was left after her father, Adam Sage, was killed by rogue demons right outside of Silivia. Later in the series, Delilah discovers that her mother is Jenna, and tracks down her sister Melissa. She meets the team just before Melissa is kidnapped in Season Two. Not long after this event occurs, she works with the rest of the team to find her sister, despite having mixed feelings about her. After Jenna heals Melissa, she admits to being the mother of both girls, despite her knowing that Delilah had already discovered the truth. Later on, Delilah begins hanging out with the team but is unable to agree with Melissa on many things, which especially annoys Atticus.


Delilah has a rather sneaky personality. She is also quite jealous of her older sister, Melissa, and their sibling rivalry remains clear as the seasons continue. Delilah enters the series following the group of friends, and she stays in the shadows until one of teens finds her. After that, Delilah often steals items from each of the protagonists in order to mess with them, as well as to show off her jokester side.

Role In Series

Deiliah, having a dislike for her sister, joins Tessa Lancaster' side and begins to plot with her to overthrow Kaz, in order for Tessa Lancaster to become Queen of the demons.


Melissa Devlin is Delilah's older sister. Having not been raised together the girls have a natural dislike for each other.

Tessa Lancaster becomes a sort of mentor towards Delilah after she breaks away from the Protagonists.


  • She makes her debut in Season Two.
  • She is Jenna's daughter, making her the half-sister of Melissa and Steven.
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