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Dasim is the Supreme Commander of the Demon Army. Born into slavery, Dasim would become a leading general in Xeren's resistance.

During Season Two, he becomes disillusioned with Cicero's leadership. The commander uses his connections to form a resistance against the demigod, challenging him for control of the Coalition.


Dasim is a tall, muscular humanoid. He has light amber eyes with horizontal pupils and long black hair. Dasim bears a goatee. His body possesses numerous scars sustained throughout his long career.

His career is also reflected in his clothing: his combat uniform is adorned with pins representing the many medals Dasim has been awarded. The beret flash is a Coalition emblem, representing his status as Supreme Commander and membership in the State Council. In battle, the commander dons grey metal armor. The armor is occasionally used in meetings with the military leadership or those he wishes to intimidate.


The supreme commander is a dedicated soldier, well-trusted by Xeren and Cicero for his years of service. Dasim harbors an intense hatred of Vritra for enslaving the demon race and Ezekiel for attempting to exterminate it. His opinions on individual soldiers serving under them vary from hatred to mildly sympathetic. Those who use demon prisoners of war for forced labor are given priority target status under Dasim's command, regardless of their rank.

Dasim is sympathetic to those who have lost their family and friends in war, especially following the death of Xeren. He allows an angel to live after witnessing him at the grave of Xeren in "Everybody Plays the Fool," despite his bodyguards assuming it was a security risk. The commander felt intense sadness after the death of Vritra, not out of pity for the deceased but for the angels who had watched their leader die.

He is usually collected in conversation, although he may raise his voice and use profanity on very rare occasions, such as describing Cicero's failure to lead the Coalition.


As a child, Dasim was forced to toil in the fields and mines of Eden under the watchful gaze of angel overseers. Xeren began telepathically communicating with demons as the youth was approaching adulthood, encouraging them to take up arms against their masters. The workgroup that Dasim belonged to was enticed by the prospect of freedom. They collected small amounts of wood, rocks and string, which they hid from the angels.

While the angels assumed they slept, the slaves began constructing makeshift weapons from their contraband materials. Many of his associates fashioned blades. Dasim created a bow. Soon after the weapons were finished, Xeren told all able demons to meet him at the base of Optimates Mountain. Dasim's workgroup launched their attack. Three of their members were killed in the ensuing battle, but the remaining slaves escaped.

The group would make it to Optimates Mountain, where Xeren announced the creation of a volunteer army. It would help the remaining slaves escape and counter recapturing efforts. Dasim joined the army alongside many of his compatriots. He would serve in numerous battles throughout the War in Eden, earning the respect of many of his fellow soldiers. Dasim would steadily rise through the ranks. By the end of the war, he was considered second-in-command of the army overall.

Few commanders were allowed to meet with Xeren due to the secrecy of his location, although Dasim was one of them. The god insisted on personally participating in critical battles in the latter half of the conflict. He felt his prior methods of indirect suggestion were not as effective as he would have liked. Dasim felt that Xeren was putting himself at unnecessary risk. While Xeren initially assuaged Dasim's concerns, the war with Vritra would ultimately result in his demise. The Powers executed Xeren for killing another god.

The battle of Empyrean had ended poorly for the demons after Vrita's death and Xeren's disappearance. The demons assumed the angels would back down in shame after their god's defeat. They instead fought with increased ferocity. Dasim ordered a desperate retreat.

Xeren had named his son, Cicero, as his successor. Dasim felt the boy was too young to assume command. The leadership of the demon army was passed to Dasim, with the understanding that Cicero would take his place once he was of age. The supreme commander rarely entered battle himself, spending his reign directing his forces from Optimates Mountain and teaching Cicero. He became something of a father figure for the boy.

Cicero assumed command of the demon army as agreed. The demigod opened a portal between Eden and Euclid, where his father's soul had traveled following his death. During the formal establishment of the Nuyo-Dyavol Coalition, Cicero was named leader of its Council of State and Dasim's position as supreme commander of the demon army was restored.


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