Da Chang is a supporting character in Season One and a supporting character in Season Two of The Demon's Light. He is an employee at Plant Empire.


Da Chang is a young man with black, coarse, spiky hair and yellowish amber eyes. He has very defined cheekbones as well as a defined jawline and a clean-shaven face. Chang has neat, medium length eyebrows. He has a strong build and is moderately fast.

In his teenage years, he was slender but fit and had a man bun, as well as a short mustache and goatee.


As a child, he spent hours on end reading up on non-fiction and history in the Aiolan Scholar's Literary Repository in hopes of becoming a historian. He eventually did, earning degrees in Euclidean History and Ancient Euclidean History. In more recent years, Da was hired to work at Plant Empire due to his parents being close friends of Shen Li.


Da Chang is a quiet, stoic man. He keeps to himself and only speaks when he deems it to be necessary. A generally introverted man, he often keeps himself busy by reading books, old newspapers, and manuscripts, or by carrying out various mundane tasks. He also enjoys sweeping, dusting, organizing, and making meticulous lists of stock.

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