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Cressida Lancaster, also known as Beth Darwin, is an antagonist in The Demon's Light. She is the half-human daughter of Cicero.


Cressida is a young woman with long red hair, dark eyes, and tanned skin. She is of average height and has a pale scar on her jawline that stands out on her tan skin. She tends to wear dark clothing and does not have a strong sense of fashion.


Cressida has always been the silent, observant type. While well-mannered, she is, in truth, not to be trusted. Like her father, she will do anything to complete her goals and will not allow anyone to get in her way. She is shown to be a sneaky and a skilled liar.


Cressida Lancaster is the daughter of the ifrit Cicero and his human wife Melody Lancaster. Growing up in unknown circumstances, Cressida is extremely loyal to her father, willing to follow any instruction or order given down by him.

Interested in helping her father find the new reincarnation of Xeren's soul, the "host," she joined a Silivian laboratory specialized in angels and demons as a researching assistant. Under the alias "Beth Darwin," she earned herself the reputation of being a hard worker and gained the trust of the lab scientists, even forming a relationship with Steven Devlin.

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