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Cicero is a main antagonist in The Demon's Light. As the demigod son of Xeren, he leads the Nuyö-Dyavol Coalition, hoping to claim Euclid as his own with the assistance of his father's reincarnation.


Cicero first suit of armor is made of sleek black metal, with a bluish-silver insignia on the chest, displaying an eyeball flanked by two spread wings. On his chest are two clasps that he often attaches cloaks to, and his armour makes the shape of sinewy human muscle. Cicero's helmet is aerodynamic, with only a small slit in the visor for his eyes, alongside a metal design in the image of a laurel wreath. His boots have metal spurs, which he uses in a variety of ways to signal troops.

Cicero's skin is a light brown, with long white hair flowing down his shoulders. His oft-alert eyes are golden, with a faint glow to them. His body is rather muscular and lean, and he is able to sprout a pair of black feathered wings from his back.


Cicero, despite his age and high rank, is incredibly impulsive and volatile. He is quick to emotion, and insists on personally entering the battlefield at any opportunity. Cicero has a distaste for government bureaucracy, which he considers detached from the citizen perspective. After meeting Savannah Whitesmith, Cicero becomes attached to her and the idea of Xeren returning to the point where his subordinates consider it to be a threat to the Coalition's well-being.


Cicero was born during the war for control of Eden to the deity Xeren and a demon woman. When Cicero was around twelve years old, his father was killed by the Powers, and he began plotting their downfall. Despite Xeren's decree that Cicero would replace him, Xeren's lieutenant Dasim took control, as well as raising the young Cicero. When he came of age, Cicero created a portal between Euclid and Eden, entering it along with many demons still loyal to the deceased Xeren. The group was determined to acquire Xeren's soul, which would give Cicero godlike power.

The Covenant of the One God, a defunct religion based in Nuyö which worshiped Xeren alone and saw the other Powers as corrupt, was reinvigorated by the arrival of Cicero. He was declared their messiah, living proof of Xeren's miracles. Cicero merged the Covenant with the demon army that had followed him to Euclid. They became the progenitors of the eventual Nuyö-Dyavol Coalition.

Due to the great destruction wrought by demons, Gabriel Alchemilia opened his own portal to Eden. This allowed the arrival of the angels, who promptly ignored humanity's suffering to focus on combating the threat posed by Cicero's forces.

During the Second Great War, Cicero established the Nuyö-Dyavol Coalition. The Coalition connected him to numerous Nuyövian governments, gangs, and weapon manufacturers, including the Svatovid, Vilebluysk and Mesto. Through a land trade in Muné, Cicero was also able to secure an alliance with the empress of Hala.


  • Spacial Manipulation - Cicero can use the substance known as aether to create anomalies in space, such as altering gravity or creating vortexes that pull nearby objects inward. He cannot move objects freely.
  • Flight - Cicero utilizes a pair of natural wings to fly unassisted.
  • Energy Manipulation - Utilizing magic learned on Eden, Cicero is able to project various forms of energy in combat at the expense of his own vitality.


  • Cicero was a Roman statesman. Cicero himself derived his surname from cicer, the Latin word for chickpea.
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