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Cicero is the main antagonist of The Demon's Light. As the half-demon son of Xeren, he leads the Nuyö-Dyavol Coalition, hoping to claim Euclid as his own with the assistance of his father's reincarnation.


Cicero appears as a young man with an androgynous face, vibrant skin tone, and wavy hair. A chitinous ridge on the bridge of his aquiline nose extends into a wide beetle horn. Two large insectoid wings protrude from his back. As an ifrit, Cicero has fuchsia blood.

Cicero normally wears a thick white cloak over a dark suit of armor. His helmet is stylized to feature a tall mohawk. On his armor is a golden leaf symbol and numerous purple and magenta sashes.


Cicero is impulsive and quick to emotion, and rather immature despite his rank. He is mostly reclusive, focusing on matters of literature and art over combat and fancying himself a 'warrior-poet.' On occasion, Cicero pens his own epics featuring demon folk-heroes and mythologizing himself and his regime.

Contrasting his more politically-minded counterparts, Cicero places heavy value on tradition and the demon way of life. He holds disdain for Euclidean technology and economics.


Cicero was born in the military base on Optimates Mountain to the god Xeren and a demon concubine named Sospita. Born during a tumultuous war, Cicero was trained in combat from a young age. Xeren's intent was for Cicero to lead the demon army if he were to die in battle. Despite this, when the Powers executed his father, Cicero was deemed too young to rule. Xeren's lieutenant, Dasim, took on the responsibilities of both leading the army and raising Cicero.

Under Dasim, the demon army was fierce and strategically competent, but still direly outmatched by the angels. Cicero, meanwhile, became more aware of the latent abilities granted to him by his heritage. He joined the army in his teenage years, using reality manipulation to make up for the demon army's weaknesses. The first of what would come to be known as miracles occured when Cicero came of age, and enacted a gamble he had been plotting for some time. Cicero created a massive swarm of portals to his father's world, Euclid, in the hopes of both finding the demons a new home and allying with Xeren's subjects.

The humans were resistant to demon rule, however, and fought back. When mankind could fight no longer, Alchemilia Corporation brought the angels to Euclid. The angels were apathetic to humanity's cause, and began claiming territory to continue their fight against the demons. Cicero headquartered the demon army in Nuyö, where he was seen by religious fundamentalists as living proof of Xeren's miracles. Insurgents took over the nation of Vilebluysk, and the neighbouring country Mesto allied themselves with Cicero, forming the Nuyö-Dyavol Coalition. Later, Cicero allied with the cambion empress of Hala.

Cicero was initially recieved with optimism and admiration, seen as a personification of the demons' hope for a return to Xeren's rule. Though the populace continued to believe in him as a messianic figure, many in his rule began to privately disagree with his methods.

Well into his rule, Cicero married a human woman named Melody Lancaster and sired a child, Cressida, the heir to the Coalition. Cicero's family life is kept private from the public, with few knowing the face of his wife, and only his highest lieutenants knowing the existence of his daughter.


  • Aegis-Class Reality Manipulation - Cicero can use the substance known as aether to create anomalies in space, such as altering gravity or creating vortexes that pull nearby objects inward.
  • Flight - Cicero utilizes a pair of natural wings to fly unassisted.


  • Cicero was a Roman statesman. Cicero himself derived his surname from cicer, the Latin word for chickpea.
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