Cunning Humanoid Robot Intelligence Series MKII "Chris" Wellington, also sometimes referred to mistakenly as Christopher, is one of the main characters in The Demon's Light. He is an android, and sometimes boasts about his high technology.


Chris resembles a human boy in his mid-teens and stands 5 feet, four inches tall. He has a peach-colored metallic cloak that acts as his skin. Chris' preferred outfit consists of a red undershirt, button-down white plaid shirt, blue jeans jacket, red denim vest, and dark jeans. He also has crazily styled hair-like material at the top of his head. On his face, he has two special blue lenses that resemble human eyes, a nose-shaped metal sensor, and a mouth that is very realistic. This makes him look basically like an ordinary kid. The most noticeable difference is a switch on the back of his neck, which connects to his inner microchip in order to provide him with abilities. Chris also wears a wristwatch that enables him to transfer his consciousness to a portable format.


Chris was created a couple of centuries prior to the events of The Demon's Light, by inventor Andrew "Andy" Wellington. However, Andy wanted him to be cruel like his other androids, to Chris' dismay. After discovering Chris had a non-cruel personality, Andy discarded, what he believed to be, the dysfunctional bot in an abandoned barn in the woods near Lake Castiel. Due to this, Chris was in a coma-like status for centuries, until his system sensed human lifeform and rebooted itself, causing him to wake up and discover Atticus, Melissa, and Savannah in the barn.


Savannah Whitesmith

Chris and Savannah do not normally get along, but Chris does, in fact, care for her, as he has frequently stated.

Melissa Devlin

He appreciates spending time with Melissa, although they fight sometimes due to differing opinions.

Atticus Anoethite

At first, he didn't care much for Atticus, since he seemed to be kind of rude to Chris. As Chris began to better understand humans, he and Atticus became good friends. They discovered many common interests and goals.

Marshall Rooke

Chris and Marshall generally get along well, although at the start of the series they found it hard to understand each other. Frequently, they bring up that Chris was the first of the group to notice Marshall in the woods, which does amplify the connection between them.


Unlike Gabriel's androids, he has the ability to smell and also has a plasma sword, as well as enhanced intelligence and enhanced strength. However, he rarely uses his enhanced strength, since it increases his hostility. Chris also has the ability to display human-like emotions if he wishes.


  • Due to having emotions built into his programming, Chris can fear things such as fire and (formerly) water.
  • However, he is unable to feel pain or love, as Andrew did not wish to include either of these due to Chris's origins as a battle android.
  • His powers are contained on a microchip that can be removed in order to make him defenseless.
  • When he speaks, he sometimes starts going into the scientific specifics of the subject, often confusing the others. However, he has started doing this less.
  • He is unable to understand slang and swears as they were not registered in his database.
  • Chris is typically a shortened form of Christopher, which means "anointed", while Wellington is traditionally a British term for a long rubber or plastic boot.
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