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Chris Wellington, officially Wellington Robotics Android #9, is an android and one of the main characters in The Demon's Light. As a creation of Andrew Wellington, he is unique due to his sentience and hunted down by Alchemilia Corporation in Season One as a result. He is a founding member of the Port City Eight.


Chris resembles a human boy in his mid-teens with apricot-colored skin, messy brown hair, and blue eyes. He stands five feet, seven inches tall. He tends to wear very loose-fitting and casual clothing.

Chris' outfit originally provided to him by Andrew consisted of a red hoodie over a red shirt and dark jeans. He was given a similar outfit in "Bare Trees" by Alchemilia Corporation, as his previous one had worn away over time.

He has an alternate attire consisting of a black T-shirt with a Silivian embroidery and black, baggy sweatpants — standard hospital youthwear — provided to him by Piccioto, a roboticist at the Silivian Masquerade Hospital.

While on the run in "The Less I Know the Better", Chris disguised himself with glasses, a blue T-shirt with a skull on it, and baggy yellow shorts. He keeps this outfit for the remainder of Season Two.


Chris was created on Centenus 20th, 5993 AT, and was the last of the original nine androids Andrew Wellington created after he stole blueprints from Alchemilia Corporation and lost his job.

After returning from a trip, Andrew discovered that the other androids had destroyed Chris and he decided to rebuild him using a beta blueprint his new company, Wellington Robotics, had drafted. Once completed, Chris was capable of something no other android was: He could feel emotions and think for himself. Andrew was very pleased at this, and it gave Chris a special place in his heart.

He would continue to build more androids off this blueprint and enjoyed newfound success. Due to such, Andrew hoped to reconcile with his ex-wife, who left him and took their children after Andrew lost his Alchemilia job. However, due to the start of the second Great War, Wellington Robotics suffered from an attack and the factory was destroyed. Losing almost all of his models, Andrew was forced to close his company.

After hearing about the brutal murder of his wife due to demons and his children rejecting, Andrew moved back to his old farm in Gladea and brought with him the only thing he had left: his original nine androids. Feeling renewed anger and hatred at his former boss and believing him to be at fault for the mess that ruined his life, Andrew attempted to reprogram all of his androids to take down Gabriel Arsene I.

This dream never came to life, due to how hostile his androids became after their reprogramming. After Charles tried to destroy Chris yet again, he was banished to the old Wellington Robotics factory and programmed to do maintenance work there. Upon learning that his daughter, Hailey, died in an angel attack, Andrew finally broke down. Repairing Chris and removing the hostile programming from him, he took him to a barn down the road and shut him off, covering Chris in hay.

Returning home, Andrew lit his farmhouse ablaze, destroying his remaining androids and killing himself. Chris remained in the barn for over three hundred years, until his system rebooted upon the presence of Atticus Anoethite, Melissa Devlin, and Savannah Whitesmith.


Unlike Alchemilia's androids, he has the ability to smell, as well as enhanced intelligence and enhanced strength, though limited. Chris additionally has the ability to display human-like emotions. He was equipped with a blue plasma sword until it was confiscated by Alchemilia while imprisoned at Remnant Rock.

After Chris' initial encounter with John Fontaine, Piciotto repaired him in "Reunion."

In "Primo Victoria," John Fontaine installs a special gun into Chris' other hand.

In "House of the Rising Sun," Tetsu Iwanaga made substantial updates and changes to Chris, such as installing a new titanium sword and rewriting his code — including removing a strength-rage correlation Andrew had originally programmed.

All of his weapons can extend and retract as needed, for convenience and ease of use.


  • Due to being sentient, Chris has fear of certain things — including himself.
    • However, he is unable to feel pain or romantic love, as Andrew did not wish to include either of these due to Chris's origins as a battle android.
  • He is unable to understand slang and cussing as the words were not registered in his database.
  • Andrew nicknamed him Chris after his late father, Christopher Wellington.
  • With the absence of Steven and Melissa, Chris was the only non-human member of the Port City Eight for much of Season Two.
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