Chris Wellington, officially Wellington Robotics Android #9, is an android and one of the main characters in The Demon's Light. As a creation of Andrew Wellington, he is unique due to the ability to feel emotions and is constantly hunted down by Alchemilia Corporation in Season One as a result. He is a member of the Port City Eight.


Chris resembles a human boy in his mid-teens with peach-colored skin, messy brown hair, and blue eyes. He stands 5 feet, seven inches tall. Chris' usual outfit consists of a white shirt, a red and blue jacket, and some dark jeans.

He has an alternate attire consisting of a black t-shirt and sweatpants, provided to him by Samuel Brownlee.


Chris was created by Andrew Wellington at his factory in 13 TP, approximately a year after his predecessor, also named Chris, had been thrown in the water during a fight between his androids while Andrew was in town. Andrew intended for Chris to replace Charles, the first successful android he had ever created and had recently dismissed, as leader of his androids, intended to kill Gabriel Alchemilia. In order to ensure Chris would be a good leader, Andrew minimized Chris' negative emotions and gave him free will and the ability to think outside of his core programming.

Unfortunately for Andrew, Chris never displayed much leadership skill at all. In fact, his free will made him appear downright rebellious, so much that Andrew decided he did not need a lead android in order to take down Alchemilia and all he stood for. Believing Chris to be weak due to the way his emotions were programmed, Andrew made a device that meant Chris' emotions would expire after 8 years of usage. To help strengthen Chris' negative emotions for later usage, Andrew made his other androids use Chris as a dummy to prepare for fighting Gabriel.

Andrew would neglect his androids once more, while busy at the factory churning out new ones that continued to fail. While he was doing this, Chris ended up helping the man whom Andrew's wife Lillian had remarried to after he sprained his ankle. Not permitting helpful deeds, Andrew deemed Chris a failure and shut him up in the barn of his family's old farmhouse, where he would remain off until his system rebooted upon sensing human presence 300 years later.

Unbeknownst to Chris, Andrew and the majority of Chris' other android siblings all perished when Andrew, already a mentally ill man, burned down his entire laboratory, deciding he would never be able to attack Gabriel. This left Chris as the sole surviving android, other than Charles.


Unlike Gabriel's androids, he has the ability to smell and also has a gun hand, as well as enhanced intelligence and enhanced strength. However, he rarely uses his enhanced strength, since it increases his hostility. Chris additionally has the ability to display human-like emotions if he wishes. While he was originally made with a plasma sword, Chris surrendered it to Nabi and her army when they were about to be imprisoned in Remnant Rock. He later received a new arm, consisting of a steel weapon.


  • Due to having emotions built into his programming, Chris can fear things such as fire and (until his waterproof upgrade) water.
    • However, he is unable to feel pain or love, as Andrew did not wish to include either of these due to Chris's origins as a battle android.
  • Chris has a tendency to go on short, verbose tangents on subjects, usually when he is not that familiar with the people he is talking with.
  • He is unable to understand slang and swears as they were not registered in his database.
  • Andrew nicknamed him Chris after his late father, Christopher Wellington.
  • As of Season 2, Chris is the only non-human member of the Port City Eight.
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