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Charles Wellington, officially Wellington Robotics Android #1, is the first android ever built by Andrew Wellington, and one of two that survived to the present day, the other being Chris Wellington. Unlike Chris, Charles lacks sentience and is unable to override his core programming on his own. He first appears in Season Two, when Dexter Wellington reprograms him to help the Search Party locate the Port City Eight.


Charles appears to be a tall young man with pale skin and combed-back red hair. He wears a black and blue full-body jumpsuit with the Wellington Robotics logo on it. However, his most intimidating feature is his piercing eyes, which are brown with a reddish tint. Physically, he appears to be eighteen years old.


Andrew Wellington's first successful creation, Charles was initially programmed with no specific goals in mind, though he was later reprogrammed to track down and annihilate Gabriel Arsene I when demons and angels began attacking the Wellington Robotics Factory and Andrew realized Alchemilia Corporation was to blame. Andrew knew that he did not want Charles targeting innocent civilians, so he installed a memory failsafe inside of Charles' head. Charles would occasionally receive programming upgrades from Andrew, especially for times when Andrew had to leave. However, as he opened a factory to make the androids, Andrew forget this objective and left Charles alone with the rest of his original group of androids. It would only be a series of unfortunate incidents in his life that would finally change Andrew's mind.

When Andrew returned to his original nine for the first time in a few years, he found his laboratory in total chaos from him not being able to monitor the android combat training. Even worse, Chris, the only one of Andrew's androids who physically resembled him, had been destroyed in the water by Charles. Altering Charles' programming so he would clean the Wellington Robotics Factory and dismissing Charles from his service, Andrew rebuilt Chris to serve as a sort of replacement, this time with new components and emotions.

During his years working in the Wellington Robotics Factory as his punishment, Charles rarely, if ever, received any visitors, aside from some squatters.


Charles cannot smell. However, he does have greatly enhanced strength and is able to run at exceptional speeds. Charles also has a knife hand. Due to the time he has spent cleaning the Wellington Robotics Factory, however, a few of his abilities have begun fading, as Andrew never found a way to make them permanent.

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