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Chadwick Andrew "Chad" Wellington is the biological son of Andrew Wellington and his wife, Lillian. Chad has a similar tech to Azul Baldwin's that prolongs his lifespan, however, they come in the form of bionic implants implanted in him by his father when he was two. He is also the brother and best friend of the late Hailey Wellington.


Chad is rather short for a man alive for 302 years, standing only at 5'7. Although he inherited his somewhat red hair from his mother, as well as her brown eyes, he looks much more like Andrew. He can be easily identified by three moles on his neck, a feature he has always been quite proud of, since he thinks it looks like a vampire bite. Although much like Gabriel, he has not biologically aged past his 20's, Chad dresses in baggy clothing clearly meant for someone physically much older.


Hailey Wellington

Chad was incredibly close with Hailey, and became devastated when she passed away.

Lillian Wellington

Chad and his mother had a strained relationship, due to Chad's discovery of the things Andrew invented and denial that he was a fraud.


  • Chad tends to brag to others that his favorite food, cheese and jelly sandwiches, is responsible for his youthful appearance, so as to not create suspicion about his father.
  • Due to never knowing his father, Chad came to idolize him, and would thus argue with Lillian if she ever spoke badly of him.
    • However, he does agree that Andrew had very strange motives occasionally.
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