The following article is a satire page written solely for the purpose of comedy and does not have any connections to the canon role-play The Demon's Light.

Canes are objects in The Demon's Light. Marshall Rooke has an on-off fear of them called ravdiphobia.


Season One

"White Room"

Big Gabe hits Marshall with a cane. Big, big mistake.

"Carpe Diem"

Blossom Cane meets Marshall.

Later, Jackie Chan borrows a cane from an assistant. A fine, Halan birch cane made by JeBediah O'Hurley Smith George Walker Donnegan McKenzie Pennyworth Jr. III.

Season Two

"Until Dawn"

Wen Li wields a cane, canonically. He plays with old bugs in the dirt.

"Safe Haven"

Wen Li beats the FUCK outta some demons with it.


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