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The Brownlee Manor is a location in Muné. It is an aged building located in an open forest clearing. Samuel Brownlee inherited the manor after his grandparents' passing.



The manor is surrounded by a spiked, rusted metal fence. The path leading up to the building is littered with trash broken furniture. On the porch, there is a single bench. Sparse pieces of peaked roofs, a large clock, and strips of wood are nearby. The backyard is standard, with a patio and various gardening equipment.


Most of the manor's remaining rooms are located on the first floor. The majority of the three upper floors have fallen due to weak support beams.

  • The front doors lead to a large and open lobby. Like the rest of the rooms in the manor, it is illuminated by small amounts of natural light that reach through broken walls. The remains of wooden staircases are collapsed in the room's corners. A broken chandelier lies on a center dinner table.
  • There is an art gallery that stores framed portraits, intricately-crafted stone statues, such as one of Xeren, and ancient artisanal vases.
  • A kitchen can be accessed from the lobby. Within it, various pots, pans, and cooking utensils decorate the wall, albeit mostly rusted. Its ceramic floor is sprawled with wilted lilies.
  • A small room once used for recreation is accessible through the lobby. There is a pool table and cue rack, with small posters of old movies lining the wall.
  • The next room over from the recreation room, a library of various reading materials exists. A rusty cart resides there to transport literature from different rooms.
  • A small study, leading to the backyard, contains only a desk and chair.
  • Cabinets of canned fruit and aged wine can be found in the basement-level cellar. A long, rickety banister accompanies a staircase down from the lobby. The floor is wooden and the room is damp and moldy. It can be dimly lit by one bulb.
  • Little is accessible within the upper levels, but a supply closet is available on the second floor. It contains cleaning supplies and mobility devices, namely a cane later taken by Wen Li and a wheelchair taken by Blossom Cane.


The Brownlee Manor was originally owned by Lorenzo and Illy Brownlee. It was formerly an extravagant estate, often hosting large parties. Due to a weak foundation, however, the building was left damaged beyond repair after the effects of a violent squall.

For over sixty years, the building suffered continual damage from the weather. The abandoned manor became an easy place to loot for valuables.