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Blossom Lelia Cane is a member of the Port City Eight and a former lab assistant at the Silivia Cognitive Science Center. She is a supporting character in Season One and a main character in Season Two of The Demon's Light.


Blossom is a short young woman with long dark brown hair, most commonly worn loose or parted in waves. Due to her parents being natives of the southern desert regions of Hala, her eyes are dark brown and her skin is light brown.

From "Primo Victoria" until "Safe Haven," Blossom wore a purple shirt with ruffles and dark denim jeans, with her hair in a ponytail.


Originally naïve, Blossom would often stand up for what she thought was right and would seemingly rush into situations without thinking. After the events at Remnant Rock and her travels afterwards, she developed a change in personality, becoming more cautious and welling to disregard the law when needed. She is also very creative and enjoys various hobbies such as painting, pottery, and cooking.


Being the only child of a baker and a librarian, Blossom lived a comfortable life in Silivia. Due to a sheltered upbringing, she didn't know much about the war. With her father's bakery being close to Plant Empire, the Cane family had a close relationship with the Lis and Blossom spent many afternoons there as she was growing up. Starting when she was fourteen, she was often be employed during the summer at Plant Empire.

Shortly after starting employment, Blossom developed an interest in science and decided to pursue a career in such. As she prepared to finish school and move onto higher education, her father told her about a entry-level job opening at the Silivia Cognitive Science Center. She applied and was readily accepted after submitting recommendations from her teachers.


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