Blossom Lelia Cane is a lab assistant for Samuel Brownlee at the Laboratory of the Mind, and a main character in The Demon's Light.


Blossom is a short young woman with long, straight black hair, most commonly worn loose or parted in waves. Due to her parents being natives of the southern regions of Hala, her eyes are dark brown and her skin the color of honey.


Blossom is independent and often argumentative, standing up for what she thinks is right and refusing to back down, even in times of hardship. Blossom can also be easily startled, especially while focused. She is also very creative and enjoys painting, pottery, and cooking.


Being the daughter and the only child of a candy store owner and a librarian, Blossom has lived a comfortable life in Silivia, away from the war and barely knowing anything about demons and angels. After hearing from her father about a job opening at the Laboratory of the Mind, she applied, interested in both the work done at the place and a desire to produce an income for herself, due to a long-held dream of moving out of Silivia and traveling Euclid as an artist.

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