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Hartington... Hartington... 10 November 2020

Every wiki has had this at least once:

  • The underaged 7 year old who spams the wiki with horrible grammar
  • The 30 year old man who still lives with his parents
  • The middle aged man who only goes on to appeal to the hip kids
  • The moderator who takes his job WAY TOO seriously to the point it is laughable
  • The guy who wants to be a Big Mod just to flex his power
  • The hivemind of at least five underaged kids who act like each other just so they can look older
  • The E-girl
  • The E-girl Big Mod
  • The guy who always gets bullied
  • The edgelord who posts "..." after anyone even acknowledges him
  • The guy who is so desperate for the love of pixels on a screen that he sends his face reveal to "her" but would never let his actual friends see his face in a thousand years
  • The JoJo fan
  • The teacher's pet
  • The guy who take…
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Chase McFly Chase McFly 9 June 2020

It's time to be honest

First of all, I wish to apologize for my behavior on the night of June 8th, that was unprecedented and I was just really frustrated by the way much of what I say is viewed as something to make fun of. I'm leaving for a few weels, no more than a month. Before you say the average crap such as "augger" or "pity party", though, I wish to explain this is genuinely what I feel will be the most healthful for my life. I've been considering it for a while. Don't comment stuff like "Move on from the past, Marty," either. Please hear me out and don't be "uwu cmf said I ruined the wiki".

1. Most of the community members I was friends with have departed this wiki. This is sadly the truth. Of all the users that still frequent this place and make meaningf…

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Professor Hartington Professor Hartington 19 November 2019

TDL Users - straightest to gayest


1- Downtown Freezy - Downtown Freezy be the straightest bruh on TDL. You may be going "wtf no JFL" but hear me out: Downtown Freezy does not rub his straightness in everyone's face, even going so far as to act a little gay. He be so secure about being straight that HE jokes around.

2- Professor Hartington - Hartington be number 2 on our list. Hartington does not flaunt "hot girls" or "hoes" around. Why would he do this? Same as Downtown Freezy; straight 


Straighter than gay but not straightest:

1- Qstlijku - This man.. this man plays all kinds of straight games: GTAV, Mafia, Half-Life - and almost never links females he considers "hot"

2- South Ferry - Ferry be black; and gay black people are extremely rare - so chances are he b…

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HearthRaven HearthRaven 1 April 2019

you asked for it.

korra is a vary stupied dumb dumb

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FortunaMajor1122 FortunaMajor1122 21 March 2019


Hi, I'm FortunaMajor1122, just call me Twilight though, which is what I like best. I am very excited to meet all of you you, I have only been on TDL wiki for like three days, so not that long.

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Rogue maltron Rogue maltron 20 January 2019

a new character

i would like to create a new character to participate in the rp im wondering if thats okay with the community as a whole?

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Chase McFly Chase McFly 25 December 2018

Merry Christmas TDL!

Just want to wish everyone on TDL a merry Christmas!

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TheKorraFanatic TheKorraFanatic 13 November 2018

Introducing Gadgets


I'd like to announce that Gadgets are now enabled on .

Gadgets is an extension that allows users to pick JavaScript or CSS based "gadgets" that other community users provide. The scripts are available for users to enable or disable in their preferences under the tab labeled "Gadgets".

They're designed using JavaScript and/or CSS located on pages in the MediaWiki namespace. Each gadget is added by adding a new entry to MediaWiki:Gadgets-definition, providing a name and description for the gadget, and a list of the JS and CSS that it uses.

Gadgets generally use the same principle as MediaWiki:Common.js and MediaWiki:Common.css because they allow scripting or styling over the entire site.

Using Special:Gadgets allows you to see a list of ga…

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Steven Steven"SpringBubba"Savoy 19 June 2018

Permission to make a main character?

Is it alright if I add a main character to Demon's light? She is going to have a special little quirk to her.

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Messenger of Heaven Messenger of Heaven 28 May 2018

The TDL Awards

Hello everyone, welcome to The TDL awards based off of this blog I will be using some of Pyro's categories plus adding some of my own.

You can nominate any TDL member it has to be someone whose a member of the wiki though, you can nominate more then one person per category you can not nominate yourself nominations will be closed on June 28th and another blog with the final voting for the people with the most nominations will be held. The categories are:

Most Chatty:
Best Friend Duo (please nominate two people):
Most Opinionated:
Best Username:
Most Likely To Be Here In 10 Years:
Life of the Party:
Most Random:
Most Helpful:
Best Avatar:
Most Creative:
The Memest:
The Evilest:
The Best Friends trio (must name 3 people):
The Cooles…

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Rogue maltron Rogue maltron 27 April 2018


so hi everyone its me rogue and before making an oficial page for my oc i wanted to first outline his background and his look feel and personality before making the page.

who is jeverzyck ?

jeverzyck is a male high school student

how old is he?


what are his traits?

he is intelligent,pretty dark,pessimist,don't care attitude

what is his appearance?

usually seen in blue jeans with a red shirt and jacket or hoodie

how does he deal with conflict?

physically by fighting

how can i tie him in?

all questions to be answered when im done thinking him up to become a full persona/character/oc

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Rogue maltron Rogue maltron 25 March 2018

closing my account

due to my imature behaviuor on cc today i have officially closed my account

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Rogue maltron Rogue maltron 23 March 2018

Bummed out

I've been oin the low since I have school tomorrow and shall only start actively editing when I get my PC back after 1:00pm on saturday

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DerpyNecron DerpyNecron 17 March 2018

Shadows of Eden

As the new 'owner' of Shadows of Eden, this is where I'll be putting all the info for it, mainly the episodes.

  • 1 Season 1
    • 1.1 Episode One - The Demonic Coalition
    • 1.2 Episode Two - A Suspicious Snake
    • 1.3 Episode Three - Darkling Woods
    • 1.4 Episode Four - The Siege of Grado Keep
    • 1.5 Episode Five - Golden Boy
    • 1.6 Episode Six - A Gem in the Water
    • 1.7 Episode Seven - Total Victory
  • 2 Misc

An introductory episode to those unfamiliar with the characters of the Demonic Coalition. Viper serves as the narrator, detailing the history of the Coalition and providing a brief introduction to its characters. There is little to no character development in this episode, seeing as it is just a rundown of the situation.

An episode focused around Cottonmouth and Viper. Seems one of…

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Hazerino Hazerino 18 January 2018

More on the NN Repeal

So I've been seeing a lot of stuff about this, people still freaking out (it's mellowed out a lot more, but trust me, panic is still there.) There's something going around about it being repealed in January? Which.....isn't the case. That would've been the case if congress immediately voted yes to push the repeal through. Just because the FCC was so quick to hold the vote, doesn't mean the rest of the government is gonna move that quickly. I'm not 100% sure if congress has denied or approved it? But I know they've rejected it two times in the past and I know they said they aren't gonna pass it (same people who rejected it are still in the office). So????? There's really no reason to panic. I haven't found anything that says if congress has…

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Chase McFly Chase McFly 1 January 2018

Happy 2018!

I want to wish everyone a happy 2018. I hope that we all make it a marvelous year!

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Chase Martin Chase Martin 1 January 2018

A Family Member Is No More

As I type,it is now 3:00 PM IST or 8:30 GMT.

Today morning,I had gotten news from my parents that my great grandmother was ill.She was in a critical state.

My dad had booked tickets to Kerala,as that is where I come from.

However,just 3 hours ago,we had recieved news:

My great grandmother passed away.

Due to this,I will not be active on TDL for a while.

I will miss you guys.


Happy New Year folks.Enjoy life while you can.

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Hazerino Hazerino 15 December 2017

The "Repeal" of Net Neutrality

I wasn't able to snag this info until today, because I was doing pretty deep research on this. Before anyone panics, let me make one thing clear. This is not the first time that the FCC has voted yes on repealing NN.

"But, Haze, they voted on it yesterday for sure! It was voted yes for a repeal!"

Yeah. That did happen. I watched it. HOWEVER. Anytime an act for something gets voted on to be passed, this act must be taken to the courts in order to be supported or rejected. That is where the NN repeal act has already been tossed away TWO TIMES.

This doesn't mean don't panic, but this also means don't panic. People have already taken to the streets and the internet again, protesting harder than before about this. The court has yet to approve or den…

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Messenger of Heaven Messenger of Heaven 30 November 2017

The end of the 2017 Agenda

TDL has come along way for not even being a year old, but now the end of the year is coming and we have been slacking all year, time for that is over TDL needs some serious TLC.

  • 1 Stubs
  • 2 Roleplay
  • 3 Wiki Drama
  • 4 Wanted Pages
  • 5 Relation to TDL
  • 6 Adding images to pages
  • 7 Closing

First things first, We have many stub pages that every month we have said we will get fixed but we aren't getting to it we NEED to complete the stub pages before New Years. I know it will be hard, but it needs to be done. A list of stubs can be found here.

This is a role-play wiki but no one ever RPs here. Yes, we have a set storyline, but if you enjoy the wiki, then you need to help with the RP and if you yourself don't RP, invite your friends.

I know that recently there has been a …

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IamAsami IamAsami 25 October 2017


Hello Everyone.

I haven't been on this wiki for months. Why did I leave? You can read the reasons here

You may be wondering, "Why are your reasons for leaving on Kit's page?"

Well my dear visitors, that is because I actually AM Kit.

That's right. I am Asami.

I guess that ties in with the username now, doesn't it?

I made this account so that people wouldn't judge me for what I said. On @itisthekawaiigirl (uggghhh, I'm cringing so hard. Why did I ever think that username was a good idea?) I felt as if some people had a set personality for me. If I said something outside my 'personality', I thought it would change what people thought of me. It made me a little sad that people would say things, and it would be totally fine, but when I said the same …

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Mysterious Paladin Mysterious Paladin 23 October 2017

The Demon's Light Gaiden: Shadows of Eden

Look, this is just something I am working on! I did not have anywhere else to put it! Please understand!!

The Demon's Light Gaiden: Shadows of Eden serves as a sidestory to the traditional version of The Demon's Light. In this sidestory, members of the Demonic Coalition serve as the main characters and the plot revolves entirely around them and their battles to unite the realm of Eden under one true ruler.

The series begins a good few months before the events of The Demon's Light, and continues to run in parallel with the main series.

  • 1 Episodes
    • 1.1 Episode One - The Demonic Coalition
    • 1.2 Episode Two - A Suspicious Snake
    • 1.3 Episode Three - Darkling Woods
    • 1.4 Episode Four - TBA

An introductory episode to those unfamiliar with the characters of the Demoni…

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Spongeyvstheloudhouse Spongeyvstheloudhouse 21 October 2017

Proposal: Stubs

I believe articles should not be marked as stubs if they don't meet 20 sentences. I see a lot of articles that have over 1,000 bytes but are marked as stubs, so i decide that if an article has over 1,000 bytes, it will not be marked as a stub.

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Meadowleaf Meadowleaf 25 September 2017

Side Stories?

As most people know this wiki is centered around a story obiviously called "The Demon's Light", while this story is good it is updated very slowly which is part of the reason I'm suggesting Side Stories. In a nutshell Side Stories would bassically be telling about what some characters are doing while they aren't currently in the main story, for example if Falco hadn't been introduced yet you could tell the story of how he crash landed and what he did before he met Team Demon's light. If we had these side stories people would have something to read while the actual main story is being written. Obviously the writter of the side stories couldn't be someone already writting the main story because than updates would come even slower. Naturally,…

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Meadowleaf Meadowleaf 20 September 2017


This is a dumb blog thing I did...

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Chase McFly Chase McFly 17 September 2017

Relationships Page proposal

On character pages, you know how there's relationship sections? I propose that we make them small summaries of full-size relationaship pages, as most other wikis have those. They usually have a list of ship names,  a relationship description, moments throughout episodes. a shippers list, a gallery, and a section for these userboxes. This will make relationships very clear.

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TheKorraFanatic TheKorraFanatic 16 September 2017

User Rights Policy Extensions Proposal- Part 2

I am making this proposal to end the recent User Rights drama. Some of this is based off of South Ferry's blog regarding some of the same actions and a Discussions post created by TheOneFootTallBrickWall. As per all proposals, vote support, neutral, or oppose. If 65 percent of people vote in favor of this after a one week period, it will be added to the Requests page, and become official policy. This proposal will add prerequisites for the acquisition of user rights. This proposal does not effect any current staff member, no current staff member will be demoted if they do not meet these conditions.

  • Requests for rollback: In order to submit an application for rollback, you need to have been on the wiki for a minimum of three weeks. In additi…

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Mendes2 Mendes2 2 September 2017

TDL Page View Count Archive

Trying to make something to keep track of the page views of TDL. Data starts from Week 34 (week of August 28, 2017), since I only have incomplete data from the weeks before. It might not look like much now, but it will be filled throughout the weeks.

Next update: In week + 1}}, week }} will be added.

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Messenger of Heaven Messenger of Heaven 2 September 2017

Parteringships - community vote

As TDL grows we need to reach out to other communites who have the skills that will help us grow. I have been discussing with other wikis about potential partnerships: In these parterships we both have things we must do to help make each wiki grow. Such as,

  • Promoting parters with a channal on the wiki servers named "partered-servers" promoting each other and shall give slight updates to make people intrested.
  • Making a small discusses post giving a shout out to the wiki and just a small info to what it's about.
  • Following each other on twitter, and giving a shout out once a month to the wikis twitter account.
  • Giving shout-outs any other site that both wikis have access too.

If said partner does not hold their end or tries to kill off the wiki, o…

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South Ferry South Ferry 21 August 2017

User Rights Policy Extensions Proposal

As per all proposals, vote support, neutral, or oppose. If 65 percent of people vote in favor of this after a one week period, it will be added to the Requests page, and become official policy. 

This proposal will add prerequisites for the acquisition of user rights. This proposal does not effect any current staff member, no current staff member will be demoted if they do not meet these conditions. 

  • Requests for rollback: In order to submit an application for rollback, you need to have been on the Wiki for a minimum of two (2) weeks.
  • Requests for chat moderator: In order to submit an application for chat moderator, you need to have been on the Wiki for a minimum of one (1) month. 
  • Requests for content moderator: In order to submit an applicati…

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Chase McFly Chase McFly 13 August 2017

Season 3 idea

What if in Season 3 we feature Jane and Korra's characters marrying, but at their wedding, Mess and Michael seem to be acting like different people and it turns out an old foe is controlling them??

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Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls 13 August 2017

Creating Character Images

Hello, I can't be arsed making some snappy catchphrase so I will just get to the point. If you want a character image but you are too lazy or you simply don't want to do it, you can request me to do so for you. I'm a shit drawer but I can use a website to create one.

Note: They will be anime ones. :P

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South Ferry South Ferry 1 August 2017

Policy Proposal

This is some policy that I would like to propose. As per normal policy, a 65% majority is needed.  This proposal consists of a full rewriting of the rules. In this rewriting, I mainly condensed many rules, and clearly defined punishments for all rules. These rules were mainly based on my time in chat. I observed what moderators do in the various situations in this package, and applied that to the revision. The revision is located here.

You may notice this revision does not contain a Page Guidelines section. This is because the complicated page situation on The Demon's Light Wiki shall be addressed in a later policy proposal by me.

It would be very good if you could state what you do not like about this revision, so it can be fixed.

You may vot…

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Arch Wizard Megumin Arch Wizard Megumin 31 July 2017

Proposal Policy

This proposal is in three parts. You can give a support or oppose to it as a whole, or vote differently on the different parts.

PART I - If this passes changes with the policy and user roles need to be approved by a majority (more than 60%) of the community. The only exceptions are specific promotion and demotion requests, as specified by Requests Policy and Part III.

PART II - The "Co-Leader" role will cease to exist on the wiki and Discord. Nothing can bring it back accept for a future proposal.

PART III - There will be an added requests for demotion for all users except temporary promotions (users will be demoted anyways and can have their role prematurely ended at the discretion of a bureaucrat). Demotions for rollbacks and moderators are…

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Itisthekawaiigirl Itisthekawaiigirl 30 July 2017

Formal goodbye

Hey all!

If you don't know Who I am, this is Kit , former B-crat/admin/mod.

Hello! I used to be on this wiki a lot. You could have called it a slight addiction.

So I haven't been on at all for like the last 2 months.

My parents may or may not have blocked this site.

But anyway!

This is sort of a formal goodbye. I hope the new users are enjoying themselves! I hope the admins and stuff are doing well. 

For some reason now I can acess this. But I don't want to come back, not because I hate it here, I just don't want to go back to the old lifestyle I had.

And also half the stuff on this wiki now confuses me.

but then again, aren't I always/mostly confused

Anyway, if y'all wish to talk to me/contact me/ roast me/ vent to me/ send me memes, just talk to m…

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South Ferry South Ferry 22 July 2017


I have made a survey for The Demon's Light Wiki.

Check it out.

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Arch Wizard Megumin Arch Wizard Megumin 16 July 2017

User Rights Policy Proposal

I've created a proposal that may revise how promotions are handled on TDL. If this passes, the following project pages will be created:

  • Requests for Permissions: Applications for rollback, chat moderator, discussions moderator and content moderator. Managed by admins and bureaucrats. If you are already a discussions or content moderator, you need to apply for assistant.
  • Requests for Temporary Promotions: Applications for all roles except bureaucrat. Managed by admins and bureaucrats. Applicants must state what right they want, for how long, why they want to be promoted, and what qualifications they have.
  • Requests for Assistant: Applications for content+discussions moderator (assistant). Voting is done by all users who wish to participate, inc…
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Jamesb1 Jamesb1 16 June 2017

The Treaty of The Demons Light Wiki

I have been on this wiki for 2 months, and in that time I have seen countless arguments between users, and worse, between friends. I have contemplated leaving the wiki, but due to having such a big family with such a great girlfriend, I am unable to do so, in which case, I have come up with another idea. A treaty.

I would like to propose we all go back to the start. Try to forgive people for what they have done, and start all over. I know some people may have done bad things, but can't you forgive and forget. Obviously, I am not talking about forgiving Jmurph or West, because they were created by the devil when he got pissed and had kids with 2 fish, but the others. We were all friends at one point, so don't try to deny it. Why should frien…

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FalcoLombardi99 FalcoLombardi99 12 May 2017

I'm new here

Hello everyone! I'm FalcoLombardi99 but you can call me Falco. I was invited to this wiki by User:DahlElite22 because he sent me the link to the wiki from the FNAF RP wiki. So hopefully everyone is nice and I can enjoy this wiki.

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MACH-59330 MACH-59330 9 May 2017

A suggestion - streamlining TDL's local staff team

A foreword: I suggest this for the benefit of your community. This is not meant to degrade - I am impressed at how you have formed this tightly-knit place around common interests and interaction, as well as grasping the technical basics of a wiki alone. You fill me with pride.

I feel that this community has been brought into conflict by the vast quantity of bureaucrats, admins and chatmods on the wiki who have been promoted. I was drawn to this issue by badly-placed discussions at CCC. The chatban log has a significant quantity of bans that do not have a chatban reason, and instances of people undoing bans on themselves and others. The first suggests a lack of transparency or reason to present to the blockee (although it may be just an issue …

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