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"We're fucked. This is the end." —Blackmore Veers, "Marked Map"

Blackmore Veers is a supporting character introduced in the second season of The Demon's Light. He is a young man who accompanies the Port City Eight after the destruction of Remnant Rock.


Blackmore has straight blonde hair that reaches his back. His eyes are a deep blue, and his nose is crooked from multiple fractures. On his right shoulder, he has a tattoo of an anchor wrapped in thorned vines. Blackmore has a sharp jaw and thick eyebrows.

During his first meetings with the Port City Eight, Blackmore wears black gloves, combat boots, and a dark grey double-breasted jacket. After entering the blizzarding wilderness of Muné, Blackmore adds a fur-lined bomber jacket.


Blackmore is a brash and blunt gangster whose aggressive vocabulary belies a sharp wit. He is good at thinking on his feet, though prone to overconfidence.


Blackmore Veers was born in the city of Skipton to Nuyovian immigrants. His family moved to Gladea when he was young, seeking Alchemilia Corporation's promise of greater protection from demons. Growing up, Blackmore lived in poverty. He joined the Svatovid at the age of fourteen to support his parents.

Blackmore's determination and peerless ambition were quickly noticed by his direct superiors, and he began to advance through the ranks. Blackmore was eventually employed as a hitman alongside veteran gangster and powerful tiefling Giannis Castellanos. Blackmore took the role of an imposing gunman who would function as a distraction, while Castellanos used his unrivaled stealth abilities to attack.

Former Alchemilia director Baptiste Rousseau, who had a close relationship with the Svatovid, joined the organization's ranks formally after the destruction on Remnant Rock. Using classified information on Alchemilia's hummingbirds, Baptiste was able to locate the Port City Eight. Blackmore and Giannis were hired to carry out an assassination on the terrorists.

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