"Torture them? What are we, brainless psychopaths? Look, just eliminate whoever you need to, you really don't have to do that much." —Baptiste to an Alchem. crew

Baptiste Rousseau is a minor antagonist in The Demon's Light. He is the site director at one of the Alchem. android training facilities, in which Chris Wellington fled.


Baptiste is of average height, standing at 5'12 tall. His physique is moderately lean. His hair is dark and coarse, styled into ponytail dreadlocks. He is light-skinned, with black eyes.

As site director at one of the Alchem. android training facilities, he wears a simple suit and tie.

In field operations, he wears a personal Halberd Advanced Power Armor MK II. Usually not wearing the helmet, this modified armor is a moderate upgrade of the standard Halbred tech. It is painted in dark red and white. His weapon of choice is a modified HI-Power Laser Rifle, with a higher rate of fire and less recoil than a standard one.


Baptiste joined Alchem. as a standard foot soldier at the age of 18. He did not join the reason why most do -- not to kill, or to survive. He lived his life in a small Silivan apartment, in a moderately middle class life. He considered working at Alchem. quite attractive, since fliers and propaganda portrayed it as simple work.

At Alchem., he easily rose through the ranks at a steady pace. He considered his most important gift his calmness. Others would often panic in battle, but Baptiste kept a steady head, and would often think of strategies.

At 27, he earned his position of site director at the Alchem. training facility.


With regards to work, Baptiste is mostly laid back. Baptiste joined Alchem. Corp because it was an easy, simple, readily accessible job. Therefore, he does not lecture his subordinates on ideas of respect or discipline. He wishes to finish his projects at Alchem. as quickly and efficiently as possible, using only what is required.

On field operations, he approaches his enemies strategically and calmly. He is not one to torture, but will murder as necessary. When he and his field crew hacked Silivia in "Divided We Fall", he calmly, but in a stern manner, told the citizens to turn in Chris Wellington. Other site directors would have used harsh interrogations, and threats of random murder.


Chris Wellington

Chris managed to foil the Alchem. security, and escaped an Alchem. training facility. Baptiste and his crew have hacked The City of Silver Lights to try and locate him.


In dire situations, Baptiste is able to be calm and strategic, in addition to being an accurate shot. He posses some degree of technological knowledge, knowing the procedure to broadcast an Alchem. signal to an entire city, and the basic workings of Alchem. androids.

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