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Baptiste Rousseau is a recurring character in The Demon's Light. Introduced in Season One as the director of Alchemilia Robotics, he eventually retired from the company and joined the Svatovid organization.


Baptiste is a muscular man with brown skin. His hair is dark and coarse, styled into thin dreadlocks that reach his neck. Baptiste has a small beard stubble and a thin mustache.

Following his resignation from Alchemilia, Baptiste got a tattoo on his right arm. The tattoo depicts a curved knife with a twisting vine enveloping it, surrounded by playing cards with symbols of aces.

Baptiste prefers to wear expressive, decorated clothing. For formal wear, Baptiste is most commonly seen wearing bright suits with floral patterns. During field operations, he uses a personally painted suit of power armor, which found itself damaged during a raid on Silivia and was thus placed in his home as decoration.


Baptiste has a laid-back approach to life, mostly developed during his childhood. Baptiste's mother, Rosa, gave him an optimistic view of the world.


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Baptiste was born in the city of Polswich to Hewel Wagner and Rosa Rousseau.

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