Azul Baldwin is a recurring character of unknown loyalty in The Demon's Light. He first appears in Season Two.


Azul was born on Euclid, many years ago on the continent of Nuyö. At a young age, Azul had the great honor of meeting Xeren himself. This came about while he saved the life of a woman named Tina (secretly a demigod child of Xeren, although he has long since forgotten her) who he later wed. At some point, he had kids, although none of their names have been revealed yet. Little else is known about his family life. Following his saving Tina's life, Xeren gifted him with immortality via strong devices attached all over his body. Despite being immortal, Azul and Tina settled down with their family, but things became heated when Azul's whole family was kidnapped by a demon, leading him to never see them again. Instead, Azul moved to Thales for a new start, but opted to live in the woods as opposed to a house. He befriended many animals living there, causing him to switch to vegetarianism. Eventually, Azul started to destroy his devices, believing them to be only curses to his well-being. Starting in Season Two, the protagonists have encountered him many times in forests and other obscure locations. While he does help them and inhibits marvelous knowledge, he never stays around long enough to see the results of his plans.


Azul has white hair and clear ocean-green eyes. He is 6 feet tall. He used to wear metallic tanks attached to his arms and legs, a helmet on his head, shoulder pads, and a back brace; but has since started to shatter and discard them, as an effort to end his immortality.


Azul used to be immortal, but his efforts to get rid of his immortality have left his days numbered. Azul is wise and skilled at several activities, such as fighting, chess, and animal taming.


  • Azul is currently around 2.5 thousand years of age.
  • He remains very mysterious for most of the series.
  • Azul much prefers animals over human interaction due to living in the forest.
  • Azul will act as a surrogate parent to animals, setting them off on their own when they are old enough.
  • Azul loves cats the most out of any animal and took one of his pet cats with him to the forest.
  • Azul has severe narcolepsy.
  • Azul, since moving to the woods, is known to store strange artifacts on his person. He once emptied his pockets and found a small statue he did not recognize.
  • It is currently unknown where his alliances lie.
  • Azul has a great fascination with death, feeling he will finally join his family again if he dies.
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