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Atticus Anoethite, also known as Atticus Rosington, is a member of the Port City Eight and a main protagonist in The Demon's Light. After waking up in an unfamiliar barn with retrograde amnesia and meeting four new companions, he finds himself caught up in a conspiracy against Alchemilia Corporation. In Season Two, he is recruited by the Dream Eaters.


Atticus is a seventeen-year-old teenage male of tall height with an angular face, sharp gray eyes, light skin, and unkempt black hair. For the first half of Season One, he wore a long-sleeved gray jacket with a high collar, a dark shirt, and black pants with the addition of combat boots.

In "Ceasefire," Atticus started wearing a ragged beige shirt, in an attempt to disguise himself from local authorities.

During the assault on Remnant Rock and until the middle of Season Two, Atticus wore a traditional Alchemilia Corporation guard outfit.

Due to events in "Roaming King," he wields a scar on his face that extends from the bottom of his left cheek, across his nose, and ends near the middle of the other cheek.


Generally, Atticus is quick and level-headed.

Before his amnesia, his personality was vastly different. He had a laid-back approach to life, displayed hostility and a self-centered attitude often, and had loyalty to almost no one.


Originally living in Abridhust, a volcanic city near the southern end of Thales, Elena Anoethite moved to Silivia to become a journalist. After meeting Gabriel Arsene at an Alchemilia Silivia event, the two quickly began a private romantic relationship. After a few years, Elena announced she was pregnant and Gabriel ended their affair.

On Nialus 16th, 302 TP, Atticus Anoethite was born in the Silivian Masquerade Hospital. At the age of two, his mother was killed in a car accident. Due to the fact that his father was unknown and no one could establish contact with his mother's family, he was placed under the city's custody and put up for adoption.

Atticus was adopted by Theodore and Vanessa Rosington, a Silivian city councilman and his wife. After Theodore Rosington became governor of Silivia, Atticus began to perform poorly in school and caused various troubles around the city with his small group of friends. Despite his poor reputation, he managed to develop a relationship with Lisa Fiss — who, little to her knowledge, he was often unfaithful towards. An avid fan of sports, Atticus would often skip classes and play basketball with his best friend, Jordan Walesh, in the city park. While playing one day, the two met Sebastian Cloverdale.

After a game of basketball, Sebastian, Jordan, and Atticus became friends. Eventually, Sebastian invited Atticus and Jordan to meet his other friends. Jordan refused, but Atticus agreed, and Sebastian led him to his group's hangout place.

After a few weeks of going there, Sebastian told Atticus about a plan they were developing. They wanted to leave Silivia and form their own demon hunting militia. After being invited to join, Atticus was unsure and left for the day. Atticus asked Jordan and Lisa for their advice, and both expressed anger at the idea and suggested it would be foolish to even consider joining.

Atticus disagreed with them, and he joined the group shortly after. After various days of planning, Sebastian decided that the group needed weapons and picked Atticus to go on a trip with him. Going to the Silivian black market, Sebastian revealed ties to a local mafia — he was the son of the Cloverdale mafia don. Making a deal to split the costs, the two spent their fathers' funds on buying weapons.

Upon going home that night, Atticus ran into a fuming Theo, who had discovered what Atticus did and accused him of being involved with organized crime. After an argument, Atticus fled his home, and he met up with Jordan and Lisa and informed about his plans to leave the city that night.

The group, now calling themselves the 'Demon Beaters' left Silivia, and began their self-imposed mission. After they found a small pack near Gladea, the Demon Beaters were attacked viciously. Upon finding the bodies of the Demon Beaters — excluding Atticus — the next morning, Silivian officials conducted a short investigation that resulted in Atticus being declared legally deceased.


Since the events of "In Somnis Veritas," Atticus has the ability to see various kinds of visions. The first set of visions allowed him to see through the disguise of a Dream Eater with the second set showing prophetic visions of peoples' deaths. Over time, he developed new types of visions and used them to determine potential threats.

Due to training by the Dream Eaters in "House of the Rising Sun," Atticus is able to teleport.


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