Artificial tieflings are a species created by Alchemilia Corporation by forcefully fusing the cells of demons with unwilling humans. They are used for clearing areas of life due to their mindless nature and tendency to kill and eat anything they encounter. They are especially weak to loud noises.


Artificial tieflings appear as skinless humanoids with various cybernetic limbs and other augmentations. After an artificial tiefling is killed, its implants can be reused for future participants.


It was only months after the first contact between demons and Euclid when Alchemilia Corporation began to notice the similarities between humans and the invaders. It had already become the stuff of rumors that Cicero, the general of Xeren's army, was able to turn ordinary humans into demonic versions of their former selves. Gabriel took notice and swiftly began trying to fuse the cells of weaker demons with unwilling, kidnapped humans, but found that the individuals would often die before the fusion was complete. He began giving the large groups of human participants cybernetic implants in order to strengthen their bodies, thus successfully combining the species and creating artificial tieflings.

The first group of artificial tieflings, however, were short lived, having devoured the corpses of their own kind after engaging in mindless combat for no particular reason. Gabriel, much to the anger of his fellow chairmen, began to continue producing the creatures and keeping them sedated until they were needed, being unleashed on small villages, eating the corpses and each other, and leaving no evidence of an attack.

Later, Alfred Hermann, due to his extraordinary sonokinetic powers, would be put in charge of the negative reinforcement training of artificial tieflings.

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