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Armitage Dornan, Arch of The Halberd is a minor character in The Demon's Light. He is a tactical genius and a master of commanding.


The Arch is an unremarkable man, with graying brown hair, short and neat. His eyes are dark brown, and his face is chiseled and tough like one would expect a soldier to look like. He has a slight southern accent, and tanned skin with light scarring, no doubt from his dangerous days as an Alchemist. Under his signature Power Armor (detailed on the Halberd page,) he wears a black overcoat and equally dark jumpsuit, though he ditches the coat when in his Power Armor.


The Arch's history is almost as bland as his appearance. He worked as a simple bodyguard, and Gabriel hired him to defend the Alchemists. Throughout this experience, his pure military genius was realized by Gabriel, who promoted him to an Alchemist himself. The Arch quickly rose to a very close friendship with the scholar, and, after the group was disbanded, was the only one who stayed with Gabe.

When Gabriel founded the Halberd, Dornan was immediately promoted to Arch. He now commands his army with power and absolute force.


Arch is controlling, yet loyal, and he believes Gabriel is an unfit leader. He is basically the one in control of the Halberd, and he knows it, giving him a bit of an ego. He thinks of everything in military terms.


Jeffery Dornan

Jeffery is Armitage's husband, and they love each other very much. They rarely fight, despite having been married for decades.
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