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Archie Windel is a supporting character in The Demon's Light.


He is a 19 year-old male of average height. His chestnut blonde hair comes out in messy curls that sometimes falls down to his eyes. He has deep green eyes and pale skin.


When he was first found by the Ackerman Militia, Archie was distrusting to everyone and would not let anyone get close to him. This was largely due to the trauma from his village being attacked before he was recruited.

Since then, he has mellowed out and showed the other sides to him as well. He is very curious and intelligent, often coming up with new ways to fix problems. He has a good heart, and is gentle and caring to the people his squad rescues.

He tends to be stubborn at times, and does not take to following orders really well. This leads to problems with his teammates and him getting captured and needing to be saved in his early days as a recruit. He often thinks things over to not jeopardize the missions, in spite of these tendencies.


When Archie Windel was very young, his family and village was attacked by a pack of demons, leaving his parents dead and him badly wounded. The Ackerman Militia interrupted the attack and managed to save Archie, resorting to raising him in their camp.

As time went on, he rebelled against his mentors many times, leading himself into trouble and even getting arrested a few times. This did not sit well with his mentors, as they thought that if he was to be a soldier in the militia, he would have to follow orders and work well with the other officers.

After a while of living with the Ackerman Militia, he was put through a test to determine if he could become one of the soldiers. He had shown promise to the commander, and therefore was inducted into the Militia as a soldier. He was placed in Melissa Devlin's squad and has become a valuable member of their team.

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