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The Angels are a race in The Demon's Light. They are a god-like race, their abilities reaching far beyond that of the humans. They believe they are the superior race and are in a centuries long war with the demons, fighting for what they believe to be their right to control the world and its fate.

Biology and appearance

The origins of the angels originate in another dimension known as "Eden", as they were brought to the world throughout a portal created by Gabriel Alchemilia after Kaz separated the soul from the God Xeren, leaving the world godless. This quickly turned into a mistake, as these angels were not like their mythic origins who served the will of God and protected humanity; they were corrupted, power-hungry, and lusted for blood. They make various appearances but look rather human-like, like Azalea and others.


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The Great War

A war soon spread out across Euclid. The angels, demons, and the original demonic beings that inhabited Euclid all began to wreck chaos throughout the planet, each trying to destroy each other.

Society and culture

The angels are not at all like there stories. They believe that they are the superior race. Their entire culture revolves around this belief.

Notable angels