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Angels are a species in The Demon's Light that originate from the planet Eden. They are a powerful race involved in a longstanding conflict with the demons.

Biology and appearance

Angels are a humanoid species with a similar appearance to humans. Though they are humanoid, their genders carry no distinguishing features.

They are shown to be far more physically capable than humans. Some angels posses distinct wings that grant them the ability to fly.


Before the War

Angels were created by the deity Vritra on the planet Eden. Due to cultural differences and constant competition, the angels developed a rivalry with the demons, another species created by Vritra. Demons and angels skirmished with each other for many years, but tensions between the two climaxed during a conflict with Vritra and the demons.

Demons rebelled against Vritra and attempted to gain control of Eden for themselves. To stop the rebellion, Vritra requested that the angels assisted him in the defeat of the demons. Most angels quickly sided with Vritra because of their rivalry with demons. The war grew more violent when Xeren, another deity, supported the demons war against Vritra. Xeren ended up slaying Vritra, increasing the tensions between demons and angels.

The war between the two groups led the Powers to intervene and kill Xeren. Even after the deity's death, however, the war continued.

The Great War

Due to unforeseen circumstances, demons appeared on the planet Euclid. A war soon broke out between humans and demons, with the demons slaughtering a quarter of the human population.

Alchemilia Corporation opened a portal to Eden in 0 TP in an attempt to preserve the human population. This allowed angels to arrive to Euclid. The human population initially hailed the angels as their saviors, but they quickly found at that angels were mostly indifferent to or against their species. The war between demons and angels soon continued on Euclid, with the human species caught in the middle.

Society and culture

Unlike demons, angels are mostly indifferent and apathetic towards the existence of humans on Euclid. They are focused more on the elimination of demons rather than hunting humans.