Androids are a complex type of humanoid robot. All surviving androids were created by inventors Andrew Wellington or Gabriel Alchemilia centuries before the events of The Demon's Light. Several of them appear throughout the series, including Chris Wellington.


Centuries prior to The Demon's Light, inventor Gabriel Alchemilia built a group of functional humanoid robots that took on human qualities. Gabriel became a world-renowned inventor due to this creation. Years later, his friend, Andrew Wellington, took Gabriel's blueprints and betrayed Gabriel and his team of Alchemists. Andrew created similar androids, and both Andrew's and Gabriel's androids are malicious, with the exception of Chris Wellington.

Androids have metallic bionic skeletons underneath their skin, which can range in color from white to black, similar to humans. Their skin is, in fact, a metal cloak that can, theoretically, be removed. Often, androids dress in human attire.


Each of Andrew's androids come equipped with micro-chip-contained abilities that vary from one android to the next. However, all of his androids have the ability to smell and weapons. They are also all vulnerable to water. While they are all more intelligent than humans, some of Andrew's androids have brains that are far more advanced, making some more intelligent than others. Gabriel's androids are very similar, though none of them have been killed to see their exact internal structure.

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