Androids are a complex type of humanoid robot. Androids were primarily created by inventor Andrew Wellington and Alchemilia Corporation.


Androids have bionic metal skeletons that allow them to move. They are usually dark-colored and bipedal. Generic androids are comprised of nothing but the skeleton, while others have outer shells. Some androids look identical to humans, such as Chris Wellington.


Several years prior to the Great War, inventors Gabriel and Luther Arsene of Alchemists Co. (later Alchemilia Corporation) created "Eric," a powerful robotic combat machine. The development of Eric led the two to become world-renowned in the robotics field. Shortly after Eric's creation, Alchemists Co. mass-produced androids for military purposes.

Around the two brothers' rise to fame, Andrew Wellington stole Alchemist blue-prints for future android models. Andrew left the company and established a competitor, "Wellington Robotics," where he went on to create his own models. Despite repeated testing and development, however, Andrew was unable to recreate the success of the two brothers. Andrew considered his androids failures and scrapped most of them. His final creation was Chris Wellington, an android capable of having emotions.

Androids use for military purposes increased after the entrance of angels and demons onto Euclid. Most of the Alchemilia Androids are assembled at Remnant Rock.


Most Alchemilia androids have physical abilities that surpass the average human. Their ability to be programmed makes them an effective tool in war.

Most androids run on an artificial intelligence software that make them extremely versatile. Only a few are fully sentient, however.

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