Android #03 (nicknamed Panther) is an android created by Dr. Gabe. Despite the previous beliefs of Galena, Panther and Android #02 (Owl) were not responsible for the destruction of the future. Panther herself was actually destroyed long before Tiger and The Hound caused such mass panic. The current Panther lives with Owl, craving the day she can finally let loose her rage onto the world.


Panther is slightly taller than her brother Owl, standing at five feet and five inches. Her hair was originally black, but it became pink after she took interest in a certain television series - said hair usually being styled into pigtails or a similar style. Though, she keeps her hair straight during serious events - such as a fight. She rarely smiles, but instead prefers to glare at people when she first meets them. Her gray eyes make her icy glare all the more powerful as she seems to stare right into people's souls. The number "03" is on Panther's left leg - this is her model number, used to easily tell her apart from the other androids.

She wears a long, brown jacket most of the time. Sometimes she takes it off if it is too hot, revealing a white shirt underneath. She is very protective of this shirt, if even a single stain gets on it she will go absolutely livid. Dark green leggings rest on her legs, and she wears simple brown shoes to match her jacket.

She has a combat mode similar to Owl, but hers was never completed. When angered, two metal wings appear from her back - yet they are completely non-functional. She can't even glide with them and they serve only to weigh her down. Because of this, she is only about as strong as the average human compared to the other androids' power.


As overly cocky as someone can be, Panther believes herself to be "above" the other androids in power - and yet she does not even come close to their strength. One could say she has somewhat of a superiority complex - believing herself to be better than her siblings simply because she is the newest model - and that would be quite true. The only thing she loves more than herself is the delightful taste of chocolate. Due to an unfixed error in her coding, the only food she desires is chocolate. Anything else tastes utterly disgusting to her.

Because of this, she often puts chocolate on unusual foods. Chocolate on cheese, chocolate on spaghetti: She gets strange looks of course, but she considers herself a connoisseur in the art of chocolate-food. Perhaps one day she will open a business for the people that share her condition in the world! (That is to say, absolutely nobody)


  • Panther is one of four androids. The others are The Hound, Tiger, and Owl.
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