Android #02 (nicknamed Owl) is an android created by Dr. Gabe. Considered to be the most intelligent of the Androids, Owl is a complete pacifist who believes there is zero reason for there to ever be any sort of conflict. Despite being equipped with a Combat Mode, he refuses to ever utilize it even under the most dire of circumstances.


The Owl is a white human male, much shorter than The Hound, only standing at five feet four inches. His hair is white with pink highlights - likely mimicking the look of some sort of rare owl. He is often seen with a cute smile on his face, his purple eyes only adding to the joy that usually emits from him. The number "02" is on the back of Owl's neck, this is his model number - used to easily tell him apart from the other Androids.

The clothing Owl tends to wear is not too complex. Usually, this clothing is simply whatever he is able to find. Very much unlike the other Androids, he does not wear any sort of Alchem Corp-branded clothing - instead opting to wear more "normal" clothes, keeping his status as an Android (And his relation to Alchem Corp) a well-kept secret. Though he does not enjoy fighting, when worst comes to worst he does have a way to defend himself. His right arm is actually detachable.

Underneath is a gun-like mechanism he uses for basic combat. The weapon overheats quickly and Owl is afraid to use it for extended periods of time. Depending on how long the weapon is charged, it can shoot yellow bullets, slightly larger green bullets, or extremely large pink bullets. The larger they are, the more powerful, but they also heat up the blaster more and more.

Owl was intended by his creator to wear orange battle armor, but he discarded said armor when he discarded his identity as an Android.


Owl is a complete pacifist at heart: He can't even bring himself to harm a simple insect that dares crawl onto his skin. He despises fighting and hates that it was the sole reason for his creation. Though he is an Android, he is not like the others: He has dreams that extend beyond bloodshed and wishes for a fully peaceful life.

He has a small sense of naivety around him: He thinks the best of everyone and it takes a lot for him to be suspicious even in the slightest. Though, he isn't stupid. In fact, Owl is likely one of the most intelligent Androids created.

He does not have a good relationship with the other Androids, especially not with The Hound. Tiger thinks of him as an idiot, whereas Panther views him as lesser than the others. He finds Galena's dream of destroying all the evil Androids utterly silly: The present day Androids have not yet become corrupted like the ones of the future, so he thinks they do not deserve to die.


  • Owl is one of four Androids built by Dr. Gabe. The others are The Hound, Tiger and Panther.
  • The blaster part was pretty much inspired by Megaman/Rockman.
  • He dislikes his future counterpart because of his willingness to fight, while Future Owl dislikes him due to his naivety.

Though the future counterpart of Android 02 was destroyed for betraying his siblings, Future Tiger and Future Hound, his body was rebuilt by Galena Chrysotile - who took pity on the Android. Future Owl now serves as the partner of Galena - working alongside her in her journey to destroy the Hound and Tiger of the past.


Much differing from his present counterpart, Future Owl resembles an actual owl rather than simply being named after one. The only thing he retains from his previous body is his purple eyes: Which are now brighter and larger than they ever were before. As his new body was built for the purpose of being unrecognizable to Future Hound and Future Tiger, he lacks his previous model number - which is now replaced by a modified version of the Alchem Corp logo.

His new body is pretty standard for an owl. He has simple brown feathers, a beak, wings, talons, all the good stuff. He wears a blue ribbon around his neck - covering up the previously mentioned logo just in case it happens to be recognized. In a unique sort of "Combat Mode", Future Owl is able to shed every one of his feathers at a moment's notice - this transformation shows off his mechanical body - making him more intimidating and also increasing his speed due to the loss of weight.

The mechanical body is pure silver, with it carefully designed so that no wires are left hanging out to serve as an easy weak spot. Even his wings become sharp and dangerous, able to slice many things with both precision and speed. He is able to regenerate his lost feathers, though this takes an exceedingly great amount of time.


Keeping his intelligence, Future Owl has matured somewhat when compared to his counterpart from the present. His previous, completely pacifistic nature was abandoned at the same time he lost his old body: He finds the acts committed by Future Hound and Future Tiger unforgivable and works alongside their enemy, Galena, in order to bring their atrocities to an end. Because of this fact, he and Galena quickly bonded over their hate of the other Androids.

He generally serves as a source of information: His database of knowledge is as large as ever, even more so than the one belonging to his present counterpart due to coming from years in the future. Able to do complex mathematical calculations in little more than two seconds, he is a true genius in many senses of the word.


  • Future Owl is commonly seen perched on the shoulder of Galena.
  • He travelled back in time alongside Galena - and was the only Android to do so.
  • He dislikes his present counterpart due to his naivety, while his present counterpart dislikes him due to his willingness to fight.

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