Android #01 (nicknamed Tiger) is an evil android created by Dr. Gabe. She, along with Android #00 - The Hound, were the androids that destroyed the future Galena came from. Tiger and The Hound destroyed most of the human race by themselves. This created mass fear and panic, leading to Galena traveling to the past to stop their creation.

Tiger currently travels alongside The Hound, forming a dangerous duo. The two do not really have any goal: They just like the thought of exploring.


Tiger, despite being The Hound's sister, looks very different from her brother. She has pale white skin and her hair is blue and straight - kept perfectly beautiful, even when she was genociding the majority of the human race. She wears heavy makeup, so that even if she kills someone, at least the last thing they see will be something beautiful. She wears a denim jacket with the logo of Alchem Corp on the back. On her right arm is the number "01", her model number so that she can easily be told apart from the rest of the Androids. She wears simple black leggings. Light brown boots rest on her feet. Her eyes, an emerald green, are said to be one of the most beautiful sights in the entire world to those lucky enough to see them before they are blasted into oblivion. She does not have as good hearing or smelling as her brother, hers are just above the standard human level. However, she is far more agile than her brother due to being much skinnier and able to move freely. He usually does the hunting, while the killings are left for her to enjoy.


Unlike her brother, who has a severe lack of mercy because he does not understand it, Tiger at least knows what mercy is. Unfortunately, this makes her have even more joy in her killings. Nothing gives her a more devilish smile than when she slaughters innocents, watching their lives flash before their eyes as she delivers the final blow to them. She has a very dark sense of humor - quite obviously. But she's also a fan of puns, especially bad ones. She fights very differently from The Hound, also. She prefers to stay back and launch attacks from afar - using high tech abilities given to her. These abilities utilize weaponry from the future, far too complex to list on this page. She herself doesn't even understand how these work, only that they go boom and make things dead. She enjoys the simplicity, at the very least.


  • Tiger is one of four androids. The others are The Hound, Owl and Panther.
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