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The Allucinor is a device in The Demon's Light, developed by Samuel Brownlee. Rooted in forgotten angel technology, it has the unique ability to share dreams between multiple people. The device is stored in the Silivia Cognitive Science Center.


The device's base is silver, wide and cylindrically shaped. There is a small digital clock at the front of the base. At either end of the Allucinor are yellow lights that glow when it is activated. The device's top has a shuttable glass beaker, used for storing sedatives.

Extending from the beaker are eleven thin tubes, each ending with a small bracelet. The interior of the bracelet has a series of tiny needles used for delivery of the sedative. There is a red button next to the beaker, which initiates the sedation and begins the dream.


Prototypes of a dream-sharing device were first created in Eden by angels. These prototypes were proposed many times, but angel scientists would scrap the project after deeming it futile. Most prototypes resulted in comas or mental ailments.

Gabriel Alchemilia's portal to Eden allowed blueprints — in the form of a notebook — of the device to arrive in Euclid. Mostly undecipherable, the withered plans found their way to a Silivian auction. Samuel Brownlee purchased the notebook and presented the plans to the Laboratory of the Unexplainable.

After some experimentation, Richard Devlin developed the device into a working state. Dubbed the "Allucinor," it continued to be studied within the newly founded Silivia Cognitive Science Center.


The Allucinor allows for eleven people to be active participants within the dream of another person. Very rarely, people are able to enter without a sedative by being in contact with another dreamer.

The machinery within the Allucinor creates a hive mind, temporarily linking the thoughts of the participants. The dreamer, the "host," is sedated first. Once they fall into a dreaming state, the "guests" enter into the host's dreamscape. The device can be adjusted to have multiple hosts.

Changes through the dreamscape are absolute and are interpreted the same way by guests and hosts. What is not deliberately created by the host is created by their unconscious mind. While guests are able to interact with the host's dream, their presence cannot change its appearance. A shared dream will stop if the host awakes.

While the Allucinor is thoroughly developed, it is still largely experimental. As such, several precautions are taken. Amateur hosts are prone to be unable to distinguish reality from the dream. To solve this, the Silivia Cognitive Science Center purchased die — when rolled in a dream, numbers on the die usually change. When a dreamer notes this change, they are reminded that the dream is not reality. This precaution prevents many casualties, ensuring people will wake up from their dream.


  • Objects such as androids (as demonstrated by Chris Wellington) can be carried into the dreams caused by the Allucinor.