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The following describes various equipment used by Alchemilia Corporation employees.


Colette-Cross Tachyon Cannon

An experimental Alchemilia energy weapon. The board of chairmen vetoed Gabriel Alchemilia's decision to release the weapon, citing dangerous and unpredictable behavior from the tachyonic particles it harnesses.

Electromagnetic Coilgun

Standard issue weaponry for Alchemilia soldiers, a rifle that uses electromagnets to propel a sphere shaped metal object as a projectile. Also referred to as a Gauss rifle.

Koval-Series Semi-Automatic Pistol

A sleek gas-actuated pistol with a heavy recoil. Named for the founder of the Global Union, Mirek Koval.

Plasma Bayonet

A small knife with a blade that is charged with energy and heated up. Usually placed on the barrel of a coilgun as a melee option.

PYTHON-Series Submachine Gun

A common weapon among Svatovid members. The PYTHON-Series submachine gun is a small automatic firerarm with a cylindrical magazine.

RAY-Series Shotgun

Shell-based double-barrel shotguns often used by soldiers worldwide and Svatovid members.

REX-Series Revolver

Traditional bullet-based revolvers often used as personal sidearms by wealthy individuals and Svatovid members. Older models are rather conventional, if sturdy, revolvers, while newer models tend to have features such as break-open frames or laser sights.

Triumverate-Series Shotgun Prototype

The Triumverate-series shotgun is an unfinished triple-barreled shotgun proposed by Gabriel Alchemilia himself. The shotgun features an elegant wooden stock as well as a polished engraved metal barrel with a fluted shape.


G38 Tablet

The G38, also known as the "Infiltrator", is a tablet with heavily advanced processors. Most models are a slick red, Loaded with a variety of applications, the G38 is capable of hijacking an entire city, and disabling androids.



Hummingbirds are VTOLs with propellers placed within the wings. They are heavily armored with powerful coil-based gatling guns usable by the pilot.


Hoplite Armor

Hoplite armor is standard issue for Alchemilia soldiers and, unlike the weaponry, is not sold anywhere on the market. It is less restricting than many traditional metal armors, and far more protected.

Praetorian Armor

The Praetorian armor is similar to the Hoplite, though more flexible and less protective. It comes in a vibrant green colour and is worn by the guards on Remnant Rock.