The following describes various equipment used by Alchemilia Corporation employees.


Alchemilia soldiers tend to use unconventional weapons as opposed to traditional bullet-based firearms.

Alchemilia Electromagnetic Coilgun

Standard issue weaponry for Alchemilia soldiers is a rifle that uses electromagnets to propel a sphere shaped metal object as a projectile.

Plasma Bayonet

A small knife with a blade that is charged with energy and heated up.


Soldiers make use of Alchemilia Corporation's advanced technology in hacking missions. 

G38 Tablet

The G38, also known as the "Infiltrator", is a tablet with heavily advanced processors. Most models are a slick red,  Loaded with a variety of applications, the G38 is capable of hijacking an entire city, and disabling androids.


Hummingbirds are VTOLs with propellers placed within the wings. They are heavily armored with powerful Gatling Lasers usable by the pilot.


Alchemilia soldiers often wear what is known as "Power Armor," which gives a single soldier increased defense not seen by any other mass-produced apparel.

AC-50 Power Armor

AC-50 Power Armor, Alchemilia's main apparel for soldiers, is an incredibly durable suit of armor that, while restrictive in movement, far surpasses that of any other modern military.

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