Alchemilia Corporation is a faction in The Demon's Light. The main Alchemilia Corporation headquarters is an artificial island known as Remnant Rock, located near Port City. The secondary Alchemilia Corporation and main garage building are located in Gladea.


Alchemilia Corporation was founded as "Alchemists Co." by brothers Gabriel and Luther Arsene. The pair had previously established themselves as prodigies in the robotics field with the creation of "Eric," a combat machine of unparalleled military prowess. Alchemists Co. was funded using their family's wealth and a defense contract with the military.

Alchemists would continue to mass-produce androids for military use throughout its existence, although Luther and Gabriel also began work on the Alchemilia Wormhole Project. Luther vanished during the project's formative years, leaving Gabriel as the company's chief executive. Around the same time, Andrew Wellington stole prototype blueprints for next-generation androids, narrowly avoiding prosecution. He would later create his own company, Wellington Robotics.

Gabriel renamed the company Alchemilia Corporation after changing his own name to Gabriel Alchemilia. The demon invasion of Euclid prompted android manufacturing to be halted in favor of the Wormhole Project's completion, as it was believed the arrival of the angels would repair the damage done. While a wormhole was successfully created, the arrival of angels only resulted in a prolonging of the Great War and a dramatic increase in human suffering.

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  • Devices
    • G38 Tablet
  • Apparel
    • AC-50 Power Armor
  • Weaponry
    • Alchemilia Coilgun
    • Plasma Bayonet
  • Vehicles
    • Hummingbirds


  • Gabriel Alchemilia - CEO and owner of Alchemilia Corporation. Though he operates by his lonesome the majority of the time, there are several company chairmen that assist him with decision-making and management.
  • Abram Pavlovic - Director of the Genetics Department.
  • Santo Giovanni - Overseer and head of Remnant Rock's prison facilities.
  • Selma Klosterman - Head of Security for the Bioengineering Department.
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