"Alchem. Corp: Part II" is the fourth episode in Season One of The Demon's Light.


After being evicted from Alchem. Corp by Gabriel Alchemilia, the group is left in a tough spot.


Chris was a bit mad at this sudden turn of events. He grumbled at Marshall, in a way quiet enough for Gabriel not to hear, "You seriously had to say the thing about ripping his arms off?"

Gabriel then proceeded to pull a strange pistol from his coat. "Did I not tell you children to get out of here?! Speed up the process, or my soldiers will do it for you!"

Atticus walked up to the group, looking around and seeing everyone with tense expressions and Gabriel standing threateningly in front of them. "Uh, what happened here?" Atticus asked.

Gabriel aimed the gun at Marshall's head, finger on the trigger, when he heard a beeping sound coming from a pager on his belt. He ignored it, and kept a steady aim.

"Marshall caused a commotion," Chris explained quickly.

"This isn't good," Atticus said, keeping an eye on the gun Gabriel held to Marshall's head.

"Put the gun down," said Savannah, attempting to calm the situation.

"I really want to get out of here," Chris moaned.

Gabriel kept the gun aimed.

Melissa looked alarmed. "Okay, there is no need for this Gabriel, put the gun down please." She asked in a begging tone full of worry.

Marshall looked up at Gabriel and the gun he held to his head, his heart beginning to beat fast. "There is NO need to do this. I've done nothing that warrants death. Please..please don't do this."

"You have killed my men. I am simply, how do you say..." Gabriel moved his finger closer to the trigger. "...Returning the favor."

"Can't we just talk about this? What will make you stop?" panicked Savannah.

He turned to Savannah, aiming the pistol at her. "Don't. Even. Talk to me. I attempted to be REASONABLE. I attempted to be CALM. You have PUSHED ME over THE EDGE."

Chris stood still, unable to move. Things were getting far too intense. He mouthed to Marshall, "Run away from here."

"Gabriel, stop. We'll leave peacefully if you agree to stop this, you can still be reasonable here," Atticus said, slowly walking towards Savannah and Gabriel, hoping to place himself between them.

Marshall, with the gun finally pointed away from him, took a deep breath and then noticed Chris mouthing for him to run away. After realizing that Gabriel had his full attention on Savannah, Marshall took the chance to start running towards the other end of the hallway, leaving the others behind.

"Where the hell are you going?!" Savannah yelled at Marshall.

Gabriel aimed at the running Marshall and fired twice.

"Gabriel, stop!" Melissa screamed.

As Marshall was running, he felt a sharp pain penetrate his back and he let out a yell due to it, staggering a bit. Even though he was in intense pain, he continued to run. Then another bullet hit him and he fell to the ground in pain, losing his breath and his vision blurring. Above his head, he could hear Chris talking to him, but could not make out the words that he was saying, slowly drifting into unconsciousness.

Chris ran to catch up with Marshall, hoping the gunshots weren't too serious. "Are you still alive?" Chris asked.

Chris stared at the unconscious Marshall, lying down by the front entrance of Alchemilia Corporation. He needed help, desperately. But Chris wasn't sure how to give him any. His android limitations were kicking in. There was only one option, call to the others. But that would surely cause even more problems with Gabriel. Still, it was a risk that Chris was willing to take. "Savannah, Atticus, Melissa, come here!" He said loudly.

Gabriel, angered, prepared to shoot Savannah before he heard his pager again. "Damn it. Guards, make sure they leave. I have to go..." He stuffed the pistol back into his coat and left as armored guards surrounded the group of heroes with much larger weapons.

"What just happened?" asked Savannah, confused.

Melissa rushed to Marshall's side applying pressure to his wounds in a hopeless attempt to stop the bleeding. "We need to get out of here and get him help," she said in a worried tone.

"I agree with that statement, Melissa," Chris said quickly. "How about you take him outside and try helping his wounds, while I wait for Atticus and Savannah to get closer so we don't lose each other?"

"Chris, I can't possibly move him outside on my own. I would have to drag him and it could make these injuries worse, plus we sort of have an issue with Gabriel's guards. I'll rather avoid being shot." Melissa said, looking at the armed guards surrounding them.

"Melissa, I hate to break it to you, but I am out of ideas for how to help Marshall. I just don't know what we could possibly do right now to help him." Chris said.

Melissa sighed and continued applying pressure to Marshall's wounds. "It's okay Chris, I don't honestly know either"

Atticus, standing with Savannah, looked warily at the armed guards surrounding them and then across the hallway, where he could see Melissa and Chris gathered around Marshall; trying to lessen the amount of blood he was quickly losing. Atticus then looked back towards the guards and began to address them in the hopes of reaching an agreement, "We just want to leave peacefully, we didn't mean to cause trouble. But we really need to leave and get Marshall to a place where he can be treated."

Savannah stood close to Atticus, keeping her eyes on Chris, Melissa, and Marshall with an unfazed expression.

The main guard looked at him with a smug look and said "You should have left earlier when Mr. Alchemilia ordered you to. But we do not need more of a bloody mess to clean up, so get your friends and get out before I change my mind!"

Atticus nodding, not wanting to make further contact with the guards, began to walk across the hallway towards Melissa and Chris, who were still tending to Marshall. He kept his eyes trained on the trio and ignored the burning stares of the guards as he passed by, eventually making his way to them.

Savannah also walked across the hallway slowly, her legs slightly shaking due to the threat of the armed guards.

"Thank you very much for getting over here, Atticus," Chris said. "Now guys, here is a brand-new plan I had. How about I take off my jacket and use it to cover Marshall's wound?"

"That sounds wise," Atticus said as he bent down on one knee to get closer to Marshall. He then looked up at Chris and raised his hand up, waiting for the jacket to be taken off and handed over.

Cautiously, Chris removed his jacket. He then handed it to Atticus, figuring Atticus would better understand how to take care of Marshall. "Here you go, Atticus," Chris said. "I hope you hurry, so we can get out of here."

As he moved next to Melissa, Atticus took the jacket and lifted Marshall up slightly, wrapping it around Marshall's torso tightly. "This should stop some of the blood loss, but we need to move fast, otherwise he'll die."

Atticus then looked up at Chris. "Can you and Savannah possibly hurry outside and see if there is any way we can quickly get out of here? Maybe check the surroundings for a near-by city as well? Melissa and I will be tending to him while you do that."

"Sure thing, Atticus," Chris said, nervous. "Savannah, I'm going to step out now, come on. Let's do what Atticus said." Chris slowly inched towards the doorknob.

Savannah was cautious but obliged and proceeded with Chris slowly to the doorknob.

As Chris opened the door to Alchem. Corp, he was hit by a sudden gust of wind. "That was uncalled for," Chris said, shuddering. He then stepped out onto the rickety steps, holding the door open for Savannah. "You coming or not?"

"I'm coming!" said Savannah. "Don't rush me!"

Savannah then walked onto the rickety steps, leaving the door open. "Are you sure this is safe?"

"I don't know..." Chris stuttered. "But what I do know is that we need help for Marshall. Let's look over at the horizon for signs of civilization." Chris looked and looked, but all he could make out was a faint glimmer of silver light that looked quite unnatural against the darkening sky.

" go first," replied Savannah worried.

"Here goes nothing," Chris sighed, carefully stepping down the creaky steps. The further he stepped, the brighter the far-away glow of light became. "Savannah, that could very well be a city, you should go tell the others."

Savannah went back up and told the others, "Chris may have found a city down there. If we're lucky, they may help treat Marshall."

"Sounds good," Atticus said, "But how far away is it? And how would we get him there? Carry him?"

"Of course we would carry him," said Savannah annoyed. "I don't know how far it is. Chris is the one who said it was there."

Meanwhile, Chris decided to examine the distance. It appeared to be at least a dozen miles away. Not too far, but still no picnic to carry an unconscious teenage boy all that way. He decided to check around the building for a more suitable means of escape. After searching for several minutes, his eyes finally rested upon it. It was a medium-sized, black-colored car with a wide-open window. "Well, there's our escape ticket," Chris muttered. "Now, if only I could figure how to work it."

Savannah overheard Chris and went downstairs to see the car.

"You don't know how to wire it?" asked Savannah.

"Ah Savannah, didn't see you there," Chris jumped. "To tell you the truth, I don't know how to start it, unless there's some ignition key here somewhere. And then there's a gas pedal, I believe. Where are the others?" Chris looked around for Melissa, Atticus, and Marshall.

"Get down here, guys," demanded Savannah.

"We can't really leave Marshall here, even for a few minutes," Atticus called out. "If we're going down there, we'll have to go carrying him."

"Then carry him down," replied Savannah impatiently.

"One person can not carry him down without causing him to get injured worst. Chris and Atticus should carry him together while one of us help them," Melissa told Savannah.

Chris headed to the car, hoping Savannah could convince Atticus and Melissa to carry Marshall down. He stuck his hand through the window, felt for a lock, and unlocked the car door, then proceeded to open it. However, right as he was about to call Savannah, Melissa, and Atticus to the car so they could get in, he heard Melissa coming up with a new plan that didn't make much sense. Quickly locking the car again, Chris ran over to the staircase. "Melissa," Chris said. "It's best you and Atticus carry Marshall down, considering Savannah and I are already down here. We have a car to escape in, we just need to find a way to start it."

As this was occurring, several guards through security cameras witnessed the tomfoolery that was unfolding. In response to this, they began to prepare a squad to retrieve the car that was about to be stolen.

"You're fucking kidding me!" screamed one. "Are you seriously fucking telling me, this wonderful, huge ass, magnificent corporation, is literally being infiltrated by a group of teenagers..?!"

A guard quickly retaliated. "Shut the fuck up! We will take them out, for fuck's sake, get some cars in, don't be all talk and no action! Time to show these entitled fucks who they are messing with. Fuck them up!" The two guards nodded and then got ready. Unbeknownst to our heroes, for the time being at least, two cars filled with armed guards were being prepared for their deployment.

"Chris I'm not as strong as you and Atticus. It's almost impossible for me to carry Marshall and we need to hurry so if you and Atticus carried him while Savannah and I figured out how to get the car started we can get out faster," Melissa replied quickly.

"Fine, whatever," Chris groaned, heading back up the stairs. "It just feels kinda backtracking, since I did all this work to get down there. Melissa, when I get to the top, you can go downstairs and join Savannah. The car around the corner has an open window, you can reach in and unlock the door."

"Chris, you walked. It wasn't that much work," Melissa shook her head and started to head down towards the car leaving Atticus with Marshall.

After reaching the top, Chris picked up Marshall by the armpits. "Atticus, pick up his legs. We need to be very careful and get this over with fast before Melissa can come up with another stupid idea."

Melissa looked around the car opening it the way Chris had told her too. she started to look for a way to start it, she looked at Savannah. "Do you know how to start this thing?" She asked.

Savannah looked up when Melissa spoke to her, "Uh, no I don't."

Atticus slowly rose up and grabbed Marshall's legs. "Alright, let's go," he said, ignoring Chris' last comment.

The boys began to carry Marshall down the stairs, making their way to the car. "This is very trippy," Chris said, trying to avoid falling on the unsteady steps.

Atticus was also having an equally hard time carrying Marshall down the steps, trying to make sure he didn't lose his footing. "No kidding," he said, almost letting go of Marshall's left leg, but catching himself before it happened.

Once they had finally gotten down, Chris called to Savannah, "Have you guys found the ignition key yet?"

"No, not yet" Savannah replied slightly annoyed and turned back to searching for a way to start the car.

Melissa started looking around the inside of the car. She saw something under the passenger seat, she reached her hand under feeling around, she felt her hand touch something cold but accidentally pushed it away, she leaned into the car and reached under the seat more wrapping her hand around the cold object. She pulled her hand out and opened it finding a key. "I think I found it." She announced as she climbed into the driver's seat to see if the key would fit, she slipped it into the ignition and turned the key and heard the car roar to life. She gasped happily. "Oh my god, it worked! Guys, hurry up!" she called out.

"Alright, Atticus, let's go!" Chris said as he and Atticus carried Marshall to the back seat, opening the door and sprawling him across it. "Maybe a little crowded when we all get in here," Suddenly, Chris jumped. He had just heard a strange noise.

Atticus climbed into the car and sat in the middle row of seats, then closing the door behind him. "I think we're ready to go now."

Melissa looked around her confused on how to get the car moving. "Uhh... what do I do?!" She asked, panicking.

Savannah climbed into the passenger seat, quickly closing the door, but didn't answer the panicking driver as she herself did not know.

"Maybe turn the wheel and put your foot on the pedal," Chris suggested, climbing into the third row, right next to Atticus.

Meanwhile, the guards were preparing their attack.

"Fucking go, drive! Do you not see the fucking children that have hijacked the vehicle?"

"Shut up, I need to focus! Are all of your weapons prepared?"

In the Alchemilia vehicle were four guards, some of them being the ones that originally confronted our heroes after the departure of Gabriel. The passenger adjoining the driver held a magnificent plasma-caster, ready to fire heated plasma balls at the stolen vehicle when needed. Behind them were two more guards, each armed with dual Hyperbreeders.

"Ay you at the top, hummingbird! You ready to fuck these fuckers up with your big ass lasers and shit?" communicated the driver through a transmitter.

"Yeah yeah, I'm ready," said the pilot.

Suddenly, the runaway teenagers came into view of both the driver and the pilot. They began rushing the vehicle, their weapons blazing -- the shots, the plasma were not quite accurate though, as they were just out of reach, but they were approaching closer and closer.

Melissa started to panic but slammed her foot on the pedal causing the car to move fast, she screamed due to the difficulty she had controlling the car.

"Hurry, Melissa!" Chris exclaimed. "We need to leave fast!"

"I'm trying!" She pushed on the pedal making the car race faster she could hear the guards shouting behind them she struggled to keep the car on the road.

His hatred and blazing hot rage fuming, the guard in the passenger seat prepared to lock on.

"Burst open and mix, fuckers!" The caster fired four white, flaming balls of plasma -- one for each tire. "Bulls-eye!" he declared, as the balls tracked their target, and destroyed the tires, leaving only the metal rims.

The guards in the back made sure they got a piece of the cake, too. The two men shot their dual wielding pistols, shattering the cars back glass completely, along with some dents in the back. "We're coming, you little shits! Feel the power of Alchemilia Corp tech!" They yelled, laughing.

The Hummingbird was also firing -- but it just could not seem to land a hit. "What the shit!" He communicated to the ground personnel, "What the fuck are they doing? I never trained for this shit! I trained to learn how to track men evading my shots, not some fucking brats cruising down the highway! Bullshit, fuck this!" Enraged, he quickly put his lasers into overdrive, no longer trying to hit his target -- but hoping to destroy their escape route.

"Melissa, the car's under attack! Go faster!" Chris screamed, as the tires and windshield shattered.

Melissa slammed the pedal down, suddenly shifting the car into its maximum speed. She was fighting and struggling to keep the car on the road. She could hear the shouting from the guards, and she started to panic more as she lost control of the wheel; just as she got a distance away from the guards.

Savannah who was in the passenger seat tried to help by reaching over and grabbing onto the wheel; both girls let out a scream as the car rammed into a solid object.

Melissa felt the impact and the airbags exploded, before everything went black for her.

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