"Alchem. Corp" is the third episode in Season One of The Demon's Light.


After meeting Gabriel Alchemilia, the group got into his truck and made their way to Alchemilia Corp.

The Story

"This beautiful place is Alchemilia Corp?" Chris asked, taken back by the view of the building as they pulled into its massive parking lot.

"Damn," commented Oliver. "This is quite a place ya got there, Gabe."

Chris glared at Oliver. "Don't call him Gabe! He already doesn't seem to..." A strange decoration on the building caused Chris to go quiet.

"What is that?" asked Savannah.

"It looks like a human, yet also a bit serpentine...very peculiar," Chris replied.

The snake thing fell off the building.

"Yikes!" Chris exclaimed.

"Guys, what species of snake is this?" asked Oliver worriedly.

The snake began to inch towards Chris. He whipped out his plasma sword and sliced at the snake.

"You stay away from these human friends of mine!" Chris exclaimed.

"Well...I'm not going to comment on how weird that was.." Atticus said, walking away to find Gabriel, who had parted from the group as soon as they arrived at Alchem. Corp.

"Savannah, Oliver, want to assist me with analyzing this snake?" Chris asked, looking at its dead body. "Also, where are Marshall and Melissa?"

"How do we subdue the snake?" asked Savannah.

"Well, I think since Chris is a robot, he should do the subduing," Oliver answered, pushing Chris towards the snake.

"Hi, I'm a fully functional bionic android, Oliver," Chris snapped. "Alright, hmm, let me collect this venom. Seems to be the venom of a shape-shifter."

"Oh crap," exclaimed Oliver. "I've had bad relations with them. However, that does mean it's not actually a snake."

"Well, if you slice off a part a shape-shifter shifted into a slightly humanoid snake or anything else, you don't kill the shape-shifter. They just lose their shape-shifting ability, but thankfully it cannot talk to us in the form it is stuck in," Chris explained.

"Yeah, a talking snake," scoffed Savannah. "Can we get back to reality please?"

"I mean, it could be hiding a mysterious secret," Chris pointed out. "Like that huge piece of wall that got exposed when it slithered off the building."

"What secret?" asked Savannah.

"Walls just don't get exposed like that," Chris told Savannah. "Look, a ladder."

Chris propped up the ladder and climbed it, excited to go in through the hole.

Savannah climbed up the ladder, wary in case there was a trap.

Chris peered into the hole. "A long passageway, and a treasure box at the end. Anyone care to investigate it?"

"Wait." wondered Savannah. "Where did Oliver go? I'm not going in there."

"It is possible Oliver is simply evading us. I am sure his molecular structure is intact," Chris said, dragging Savannah by the hand in through the tunnel.

"Hey! Let me go!" yelled Savannah.

Chris let go as Savannah's hand as the ladder fell down.

"My apologies," Chris said. "I will go look at the treasure now."

Chris walked away.

"Where do you think you're going?" demanded Savannah.

Melissa sighed looking at Chris. "You really shouldn't just wander off without a member of the team with you."

"Where have you been?" Savannah asked Melissa angrily.

"Well," Chris began, "first, I thought I head Oliver's voice coming from the treasure chest, so I headed over there. As I was about to open it, however, I heard Gabriel yell at me and I stopped myself. Unfortunately, I jumped when he yelled, causing some damage to his attic. Scared the building might collapse, I jumped down here. You're lucky you managed to get the falling ladder back up, Savannah. Anyways, Gabe's place is a bit wrecked, the treasure might be dangerous, and Oliver is nowhere to be found."

Melissa looked at Savannah. "Sorry, I got lost, and had wandered off a bit."

"Now it's time to search for Oliver," Chris pointed out.

"Where did Atticus and Marshall go?" Melissa asked worried.

"I don't know," answered Savannah. "I thought they were with you."

Gabriel seemed to appear directly behind them. "So sorry I wasn't here, I had an... appointment."

"Gabriel, sorry I wrecked your building," Chris said.

"Hmph, like father like son, I suppose." Gabriel began to nervously make sure his sleeve was covering his wrist.

"Should we fix it or go looking for the others first?" Chris asked.

"Silly boy, this building is made out of Nanobots. They'll fix it for us!" Gabriel laughed.

"Where do you suppose the others went?" Savannah asked Gabriel.

"I certainly do not know. I'll have the security team checking for them. Please make yourselves at home in the guest rooms for now," Gabriel spoke.

"Alright then," says Chris, watching the Nanobots fixing the heavy damage and going to a room.

Chris then noticed a strange looking tree outside his window. "Why does it look like that?

Marshall appears out of nowhere and says "You didn't miss me, did ya? I had to stitch up my leg. Hurt like a bitc.....Chris, what are they!?!" Marshall points at a Nanobot.

"Where have you been?" asked Savannah.

"Those are kinda like Gabe's servants," says Chris.

Marshall looks at Chris and asks, "How're they made? You got a scanner? They got cybernetic power cores?"

Marshall giggles until he sees Melissa. He runs to her and whispers "I'm in a tight situation and I don't want you guys getting hurt. I have a gun but it's my only weapon."

Gabriel smacks Marshall with a cane. "Terribly sorry, but that is classified."

Marshall grabs the cane, pushed Gabriel to a wall and his expression changed to anger as he lowered his voice to be scary and says "Hit me with this one more time, I'll return it in four fucking sections. I'm not someone to mess with. Three years ago, I watched my girl get murdered and I can't keep calm."

Marshall lets go of Gabriel, turns to the others then says "I fucking hate this place." Marshall turned away.

Four men with gas masks and assault rifles surrounded Marshall.

Gabriel spoke, "Again, terribly sorry, but I invited you into my home and you repay me with this? Take him away, boys."

He turned to the others. "Sorry you had to see that. My men will only give him a stern talking to, nothing more. We have our priorities on something else right now."

Once around the corner, Marshall was beaten by the four men. After each hit he took, he grew more angry, lowering his pain and increasing his adrenaline. He grabbed one guy's leg, pulled him down, took the assault rifle and shot at them all, killing each of them. After sitting down in rage, his white and blue eyes began fading. The white fading to black and blue fading to red.

"What the fuck did I do?" Marshall rhetorically asked himself.

Chris broke apart from the group and ran in Marshall's direction after hearing the gunshots.

Marshall's eyes remained black and red. "Chris, what's wrong with my eyes? That's not normal, right?"

Marshall then noticed a single bullet wound on his upper arm and says, "Are you fucking serious?"

"Excuse me for a second," Chris said, getting out his toolkit. "It seems you are suffering blood in your eye whites due to being beaten up. Hold on a sec..." Chris started using his eye cleaners on Marshall.

"If only we had some tools," Chris then remarked. "Let's go look around for some way to help you."

"For a robot, you're not bad, dude," Marshall says to Chris.

He turns to see Gabriel and says to Chris, "I'm not sure if I should apologize or rip his arms off, I'm capable of doing it."

"You are all leaving," Gabriel said as his daughter, who could have been no more than eight cowered behind him. "Right now."

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