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Ackerman Militia is a militia in The Demon's Light. The group was started by Theodore Ackerman in order to fight back against the demons and defend mankind in the second Great War. It was later lead by a young man by the name of Anax Curtius, whose family has served the militia for generations. It is an important part of Melissa Devlin's background.


Ackerman Militia was founded by Theodore Ackerman after his wife died in a demon attack that destroyed the coastal city of Xerthic. Ackerman fled to Silivia. The Militia was a citizen led and operated initiative to protect Silivia and its neighboring cities from demon and angel attacks. After a battle between angels and demons devastated the town of Skipton, the headquarters of Ackerman Militia was relocated there.

Alchemilia Corporation considers the Militia to be a minor nuisance which has kept them from expanding their influence. Ackerman Militia has allowed people wanted by Alchemilia to join their group and find refuge in their outposts. For their role in anti-Alchemilia activities, the Global Union considers Ackerman Militia to be a terrorist organization.

The Nuyö-Dyavol Coalition are largely unaware of the Militia. Oshibka fought against them during his campaign in Thales. The rogue demon Mulciber, who had tentatively allied with Oshibka's team, was killed during an attempted raid on Outpost One.


  • The headquarters of the Militia is centered in the city of Skipton, although their roots trace back to Silivia. Most soldiers within the Militia are recruited to this station, where they do most of their training. After their basic training is complete, they are sent to various outposts around the continent of Thales.
  • Outpost One is positioned near Polswich on the west.
  • Outpost Two is on the border of Kigle.
  • Outpost Three is located in the mountains of Birton.
  • Outpost Four is based in the forest of Abridhust.
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Name Gender Age Class
Theodore Ackerman Male 47 Minor
The founder of Ackerman Militia.
Anax Curtius Male 26 Minor
The current leader of Ackerman Militia.
Melissa Devlin Female 18 Main
A Nephilim girl who joined the Militia against the wishes of her uncle. She lost her memory following a demon attack near Gladea. Melissa rejoined the group after regaining her memories. In the intervening time between her amnesia and return to the group, she was a member of the Port City Eight and participated in the attack on Remnant Rock.
Delilah Sage Female 16 Supporting
Delilah joined the Militia after hearing of them from a group of teenagers. She is in Melissa's squad.
Archie Windel Male 19 Supporting
Archie was saved by the Militia after an attack on his home village, he was later recruited and assigned to Melissa's squad.
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