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This is the list of powers that the characters in The Demon's Light have.


Enhanced strength

This is an ability that gives people strength beyond that of a normal human.

Enhanced speed

It gives people speed beyond that of any human alive.

Pain tolerance

This ability increases the pain tolerance that the people with this ability have.



The power for one to move objects with their mind and shape them to your will.


Lets one read the minds of other people.

Android Abilities

Chris Wellington's abilities

  • Food Inhalation - His "nose" is able to inhale food, also known as smelling.
  • Plasma Sword - A sword made of plasma that comes out of Chris' elbow at the press of a button.
  • Enhanced Strength/Intelligence- He is a very intelligent Android and can always figure out things to do in hard situations. Like some non-robot characters, he is also incredibly strong, though he does not use this ability much, due to its negative effects.
  • Wristwatch Consciousness - His wristwatch contains an exact copy of his computer brain that can control and detach his arm, in case he is deactivated.