Hello, welcome to The Demon's Light Wiki Discussions! Here we use our discussions to role-play, vote on proposals and requests, hold important community talks, and play various mini-games. ==General rules== 1. Be nice and treat people with respect. Just like in chat, keep discussions civil and be open-minded about differing opinions. Arguments and uncivil conversation will not be tolerated at all. If an argument gets too heated, an administrator, assistant, or Discussions moderator might intervene. 2. Please make sure all off-topic conversations go on the Off-Topic board. Posts created in the wrong category will be corrected and a message will also be left for the user. 3. Any nonsense posts will be deleted as soon as discovered and the user will be warned on their message wall. 4. Sockpuppeting will not be tolerated. If a user is currently blocked from the wiki and return on a new account, their posts will be deleted and their new account(s) will be blocked for infinite. 5. Please do not make multiple posts in a row. That is counted as spam and will be erased and combined into one post upon discovery. Any user who does this will receive a warning and a possible block if the behavior continues. 6. Spamming and/or trolling posts of any kind will be deleted and lead to the responsible account being blocked. ==Role-play Guidelines== 1. Please do not godmod. Godmodding is defined as, but is not limited to: controlling other characters, one-hit kill attacks, immunity to all attacks. Failure to do so may result in getting removed from the role-play. 2. All out of role-play discussion during a role-play is to take place in brackets. Any form of brackets is acceptable, such as [[]] or (). 3. Please do not engage in erotic/sexual role-play. Romance is allowed, but do not engage in erotic/sexual role-play. Failure to do so will result in a removal from the role-play and a block decided at an administrator's discretion. ==Proposal and Voting Guidelines== 1. In order to vote on proposals, a user will have to have one or more edits on the wiki, been active for in chat for at least a week, and one week has passed since their first edit. This rule, however, does not apply to mini-games and community discussions that do not include a vote. 2. When voting on proposals, if a user does not make their vote clear (example: using "Support", "Oppose", or "Neutral") when voting, their vote will be counted as invalid and deleted from the post by either an administrator, assistant, or a Discussions moderator. 3. Please be aware that you are not allowed to vote for yourself. Users are not allowed to vote for themselves. While users can support proposals they create by casting a vote, they are not allowed to vote for themselves on user right requests and User of the Month votes. If a user votes for themselves, the vote will be deleted by either an administrator, assistant, or Discussions moderator and therefore cast out. 4. Please do not vote more than once. If a user votes more than once on a Discussions post, the vote will be deleted and cast out. 5. Using alts to vote is forbidden. If it is discovered that a user is voting multiple times using alts, the user will be blocked for a month and all of their alts will be blocked for infinite. ==Moderation== 1. Need help? If you feel confused by something or you need help, please feel free to contact an administrator, assistant, or Discussions Moderator. They are well experienced in our Discussions and have the tools needed to solve any issue. 2. Wondering what to do if you find inappropriate and rule-breaking posts? If you spot any rule violations (such as spamming of the Discussions, harassment, trolling, etc), you can report the post or reply for review. This is done by selecting 'Report Post' under the menu of a post or a reply. After confirming you want to make a report, you will see an orange triangle and a "Reported to moderators" banner on the top of the post or reply. This is only visible to the reporter and to administrators, assistants, and Discussions Moderators. If you have reported a post and it has been allowed by an administrator, assistant, or Discussions Moderator, you cannot report the same post again. Please don't abuse the report feature, as it's there for a very important reason. 3. Still need help? If you are still having issues and you do not feel like local staff has helped you enough, you can consider using to ask Fandom staff for additional help. ==Discussions moderation team=== Administrators: C.Syde65 (, South Ferry (, TheKorraFanatic (, Qstlijku (
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